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Creating a Facebook chatbot

Facebook Messenger is used by many business owners: from large financial institutions to Facebook groups. Messenger marketing is aimed at increasing brand value and facilitating communication with customers. A virtual interlocutor, which we will help you create for your business, solves the following tasks:

Automates the work of the support service
Unloads call center employees
Moves leads down the sales funnel to purchase
Raises profits through additional sales and automatic mailings
Increases customer loyalty
Provides user support 24/7/365 days a year
Test a chatbot
September 1, 2022
Get -20% on 3 cab rides! Your promo code is winter2067. Valid until 10/31/2022.

Good afternoon, Tatiana. Tomorrow at 12:00,we are waiting for you for an autumn manicure and fragrant coffee with our artist Anna. See you soon!
Thank you for choosing us. You have been credited with 150 bonuses. Hurry to spend them this month!
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Why do you need a chatbot for Facebook messenger for your business?

September 1, 2022
Good afternoon, I'm Charlie, a virtual consultant, how can I help?
I want to place an order in your online store, tell me, how can I do this?
I'm switching you to our manager.
My name is Natalia, to place an order on our website, send the product you like to the basket, then ....
Hello! Welcome to the virtual consultant of the online shoe store. For us to select the right model, answer a few simple questions.
Let's go!
Do you choose shoes for yourself or a child?
(select one of the options)
What color do you need?
Yes, of course, you can read customer reviews on our Facebook page of the online store
@Natalia: I bought shoes for my child for school, they fit, the quality is good, I recommend!
@ElenaK: I order shoes for the whole family only from you. Thank you for your work!
Alexandra, Black Friday is coming soon! You are our regular customer, and we appreciate your trust. We give you a 40% discount on the entire collection!
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What are the goals and objectives of the Messenger chatbot?

Supports users 24/7: from consultation to a conversion action
Performs integration with CRM and system setup with the site
Carries out segmentation of the audience and determines the needs of customers
Interacts with potential customers through links, widgets, QR codes, mini-landing, or through messenger search
Maintains records for services
Increases the effectiveness of direct communication by creating polls
Collects leads by sending messages and comments
Sets up dynamic lists by dates of promotions and sales
Shows statistical data for a certain period
Do you want to add more features during development?

Leave a request, and our bot specialist will advise you

Who would benefit from creating a Facebook chatbot?

Other businesses

Companies that are looking to sell products quickly and attract more customers

Leave a request, and our bot specialist will advise you

How to create a chatbot for Facebook Messenger in SMS Club

4 easy steps to create a chatbot in SMS Club

Leave your contact information in 3 minutes
Discuss effective ideas with the manager
Agree on the list of functions for the bot
Get finished chatbot – from 10 days from order.
Prices for creating a chatbot
Prices are frozen at the pre-war dollar rate
  • Acquaintance with your business (list of services, prices for services/goods)
  • Creation and connection of Viber and Telegram channels
  • Analysis of the client's target audience
  • Bot vision strategy (flowchart, business processes, bot building)
  • Copywriting of bot messages with selection of tone of voice
  • Connecting the operator to the dialogue with the client
  • Creating deep links to go to the chatbot
  • Creating a Mini Landing Page for a Chatbot
  • Sending media files, incl. records and videos
  • Quick data upload to Excel/Google Sheets
  • Presentation of the final version of the chatbot to the client
From 8 000 UAH
Order a chatbot
The Light option, as well as
  • Integration of e-mail notifications and messages in messengers
  • Login to the chatbot with a one-time password
  • Setting up a randomizer for promotions
  • Creation of referral programs
  • Creating a QR Code
  • Creating a mini-widget for the site
  • Integration with channels and groups in Telegram, Bizon365, Getcourse
  • Personalization of your client (segmentation, user filters)
  • Getting feedback, collecting feedback
From 16 000 UAH
Order a chatbot
The Light and Opti options, as well as
  • Connecting Pixel Facebook
  • Conducting surveys/tests elements of gamification
  • Connection of payment systems (WayforPay, Fondy, Paypal, Stripe, Cloud Payments, Yandex Checkout, ConcordPay, Liqpay)
  • Connecting recurrent subscriptions
  • Connecting Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika
  • Working with dynamic dates
  • Connecting your own domain and hosting
  • Integration with over 2000 services via Zapier, and ApiXDrive. (CRM, ERP, 1C, loyalty programs, Bitrix 24, AMO)
  • Checkerboard booking (booking for the service)
  • Online store with shopping cart
From 24 000 UAH
Order a chatbot
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Want the same?

Before you create a Facebook bot, go through a simple registration on the website and click on the "Order" button. Based on your suggestions, we will draw up a detailed structure of the chatbot and write an effective script for it.

Of course. SMS Club developers edit welcome messages for free, make technical changes, and add new buttons.

Of course, the name of the chatbot duplicates the name of the brand. Your "smart" assistant will correspond on behalf of the company (beauty salon, bank, online store). But despite the technological capabilities of chatbots, always add the option to communicate with a manager or a sales employee.

By ordering the creation of a Facebook chatbot, business owners can:

  • automate technical support 24/7/365;
  • place orders in 2 minutes;
  • collect leads for the sales department;
  • provide simple interaction with users;
  • create personalized offers for customers.

Implement messenger marketing in your business, automate most of the routine tasks of managers and save your budget. To order a new technology, write to the direct manager of SMS Club.