Creation Chatbots to order

Automate communication with customers on Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook using chat bots from SMS Club


Chatbots are convenient automation tools based on artificial intelligence that replace the manager. Full imitation of a conversation with a real person, automatic answers to typical customer questions in Yandex.Direct and synchronization with CRM. Autonomous operation 24/7 365 days a year.

Chatbots Viber and Telegram

We develop chat bots primarily for Telegram and Viber:


Custom Chatbots for Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

You can also order the creation of a chat bot for other messengers in SMS Club. We customize the bot to suit your needs and target audience, which will allow you to establish an effective communication channel with customers.




Features of chatbots for business

Creating chat bots for business is a great way to optimize your workflow. With their help, you can collect information, make online sales, simplify the checkout process and much more.


24/7 support

Your business in touch without breaks and weekends


Automatic communication

Answers to frequently asked questions with no extra effort


Database collection

Quick collection of personal data for your database


Online sales

All the way from acquaintance to purchase of goods/services


Order in 2 clicks

Automatic order processing


Payment integration

Convenient payment for goods directly in the chatbot


Customer Survey

Data collection for even more effective marketing


Mailings to clients

Instant messages about promotions and sales


Live communication

Possibility to connect the operator if necessary

We will create a personalized chatbot for any business and help you sell more. Book a free consultation.


Who should order the creation of a chat bot?

Now a well-functioning virtual assistant is an integral part of almost any business. By ordering the development of a chatbot, you get an uninterruptedly working automation tool.


Chatbot for logistics

For whom: transport companies, delivery services

  • formation of invoices
  • Package Tracking
  • cargo status messages
  • courier order
  • integration with CRM

Chatbot for medicine

For whom: hospitals and diagnostic centers

  • information about doctors and services
  • making an appointment
  • online consultations
  • communication of test results
  • issuing prescriptions

Chatbot for fitness

For whom: gyms, personal trainers

  • Timetable of classes
  • registration for training
  • online training
  • information about fitness programs
  • personal sports coaching

Help Desk Chatbot

For whom: contact centers, IT companies, services

  • database of frequently asked questions
  • fixing calls
  • synchronization with CRM
  • check application status
  • connection of the operator to the chat

Chatbot for utilities

For whom: power supply operators

  • transmission of indicators
  • billing
  • balance check
  • payment of utility bills
  • emergency message

Chatbot for financial institutions

For whom: banks, leasing, credit companies

  • account balance
  • loan payment reminder
  • incoming/outgoing payments
  • customer questions
  • service messages

Chatbot for logistics

For whom: cafes, restaurants, food delivery services

  • table reservation
  • menu view
  • online order
  • shipping payment
  • bonuses and special offers

Chatbot for Education

For whom: online and offline schools and courses

  • course information
  • registration for lectures
  • schedule changes
  • online program
  • access to educational materials

Chatbot for HR

For whom: recruiting agencies, HR firms

  • survey of candidates
  • database of vacancies
  • instructions for staff
  • record for an interview
  • online resume

Creating a chat bot: price

The cost of creating a chat bot depends on its complexity, nesting, possible functions, and many other factors. SMS Club has several packages:

  • Acquaintance with your business (list of services, prices for services/goods)
  • Creation and connection of Viber and Telegram channels
  • Analysis of the client's target audience
  • Bot vision strategy (flowchart, business processes, bot building)
  • Copywriting of bot messages with selection of tone of voice
  • Connecting the operator to the dialogue with the client
  • Creating deep links to go to the chatbot
  • Creating a Mini Landing Page for a Chatbot
  • Sending media files, incl. records and videos
  • Quick data upload to Excel/Google Sheets
  • Presentation of the final version of the chatbot to the client

From 6 500 UAH


LIGHT options as well as:

  • Integration of e-mail notifications and messages in messengers
  • Login to the chatbot with a one-time password
  • Setting up a randomizer for promotions
  • Creation of referral programs
  • Creating a QR Code
  • Creating a mini-widget for the site
  • Integration with channels and groups in Telegram, Bizon365, Getcourse
  • Personalization of your client (segmentation, user filters)
  • Getting feedback, collecting feedback

From 13 000 UAH


LIGHT + OPTI options plus:

  • Connecting Pixel Facebook
  • Conducting surveys/tests elements of gamification
  • Connection of payment systems (WayforPay, Fondy, Paypal, Stripe, Cloud Payments, Yandex Checkout, ConcordPay, Liqpay)
  • Connecting recurrent subscriptions
  • Connecting Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika
  • Working with dynamic dates
  • Connecting your own domain and hosting
  • Integration with over 2000 services via Zapier, and ApiXDrive. (CRM, ERP, 1C, loyalty programs, Bitrix 24, AMO)
  • Checkerboard booking (booking for the service)
  • Online store with shopping cart

From 20 000 UAH

Chat bot order

Want to get a personalized virtual assistant that fully meets the needs of your business? Order the development of a chat bot - an impeccable automation tool to increase sales