EvoS for courier service

Mass SMS to couriers or taxi customers, thanks to specialized software, allows you to establish and constantly maintain contact with each of your audiences. By choosing to integrate via EvoS, you can achieve the following benefits:

  • reduce the number of communication errors;
  • automate the order tracking service;
  • optimize the cost of office communications;
  • build a reputation as a modern stable company.

EvoS software is an opportunity for a productive and continuous dialogue with each client of your company. Thanks to its precise and efficient work, the service allows you to inform customers, answer questions, and even evaluate the work of drivers.


How to use EvoS in Bulk SMS?

1. Special messages: tracking the parcel, date of arrival, receipt by the addressee, delivery of the car.

2. Notice of change in work schedule, department address.

3. Informing about promotions, discounts, new tariffs.

4. Congratulations on state and personal holidays.

5. The ability to provide feedback to the received service.

EvoS can be easily integrated into CRM, connect dispatchers, drivers, customers and greatly simplify the work of your staff: for example, the courier clearly knows the address and delivery time of the parcel, and the client will 100% wait for the taxi driver at the right time. Plus, sending an SMS will allow you to create a strategically advantageous logistics route.

EvoS opens the possibility to send templates for subscribers from Ukraine and other countries. The presence of a verified (alpha) name increases the speed of opening SMS and faith in the authenticity of the addressee.


Details about EvoS