Integration with KOTIKO

KOTIKO is an accounting system for beauty business that helps to automate routine management processes and systematizes business information as it reminds your clients of their visit via SMS.

Main features of KOTIKO

1. Online appointment

Online registration automates the process of making an appointment as much as possible and increases the number of visits by 70%, because it works 24/7 without breaks and weekends.

2. Reminder to the client about the visit

KOTIKO automatically sends an SMS reminder to the client about the appointment 24 hours before the start. This reduces the number of no-shows by almost 80%.

3. Accounting for clients and their records

You will always be able to control the schedule of your and your employees and keep track of clients, wherever you are, 24/7

4. Service calculation

One of the most important features of KOTIKO. Add the necessary materials and equipment, easily and quickly calculate the cost of services in KOTIKO, and then easily add them to the price list.

5. Warehouse management and sale of goods

Control the remaining materials and goods in KOTIKO quickly and easily, and sell goods in a few clicks in KOTIKO

6. Integration

Thanks to integrations with third-party services, you can expand the functionality of KOTIKO, add PPO software and issue fiscal checks in just a few clicks, or connect the SMS service and send SMS with a reminder of a visit or birthday greetings. Or even send fiscal checks to customers via SMS.

Instructions for setting up SMSClub in KOTIKO

To send SMS messages to your customers, you need to connect the SMSClub SMS service. To do this, you must first register with SMSClub. Then register an alpha name (the name that will be displayed as the sender of the message) and top up the balance to send SMS messages.

After registering the alpha name and balance, you can connect SMSClub to KOTIKO. To do this, go to Settings > Third Party Services. Next, next to SMSClub, click Connect. Next, you will see the following window:

Fill in all the fields. Token, you can find out in SMSClub technical support and the alpha name you have registered. Also, if necessary, edit the message template and include a happy birthday greeting.

Further, if you want to send SMS to the client about the creation of the record and / or SMS reminders in 24 hours, then enable this item when creating the record. If you want to send a fiscal receipt when paying for a recording or selling goods, simply select this item.

Details about KOTIKO