Taxi Admin – turnkey taxi solution

Connecting sms-mailing service for taxis with or without a dispatcher is a strategically correct decision in order to maximize and optimize the work of your own company.


The main advantages of TaxiAdmin integration

1. Intuitive interface for ease of use.

2. Binding of cartography, audio messages and information.

3. Ability to plot a route offline.

4. Accurate GPS taximeter.

5. The interests of the client and the taxi driver are fully taken into account.

“TaxiAdmin” is a program for a taxi driver, dispatcher and client at the same time. The latter can not only order a car and evaluate the service, but also constantly receive service messages: the time of arrival of the car, cost, notification of tariff changes.

If you are still wondering if you need Bulk SMS, then this software solution is a comprehensive, reliable and proven tool used by over half a million customers. “TaxiAdmin” is suitable for both new services and those who have already won a certain name in the market. You can start working immediately after installing the program, and 24/7 technical support will have a positive impact on customer reviews.

The software service allows you to integrate a bonus program suitable for passenger and cargo taxis, and affordable rates and the ability to work on gadgets with iOS and Android are significant advantages when choosing among competitive projects.

Details about Admin Taxi