SMS mailing to MegaFon

Do you want to send SMS to MegaFon quickly and efficiently? Our company allows you to send any number of SMS to MegaFon, from several to hundreds of thousands and even more. Affordable prices will allow you to send SMS to each and every customer at minimal cost. Timely delivery of messages to recipients is guaranteed by high system performance.

Who would benefit from sending SMS to MegaFon

A wide range of clients are using our services, namely:

  • Individuals. Our service allows you to save time and money when you need to send SMS to a big number of friends and familiars (e.g to congratulate them on holiday). User-friendly interface permits you to quickly prepare and personalize messages. In addition to bulk mailing, you can send individual SMS to MegaFon.
  • Advertisers. Mass advertising SMS mailing still remains one the most efficient and inexpensive tools to attract customers. The audience feedback on sending mass SMS to Life or other operators ranges from 5 to 50%. It’s far higher than the feedbacks on other advertising methods. Moreover, you can carry out and plan you adverting SMS mailing at any place and time. You only need an Internet access.
  • Owners of large companies. Sending of mass SMS to Megafon (Russia) and other operators may be the best option for quick notification of a big number of employees.
  • Owners of online-services. SMS mailing is convenient and reliable way to deliver various notifications to users and restore passwords.

And these are only few examples. The opportunities of our services allow you to solve a much wider large of tasks.

The fee of sending SMS messages to MegaFon

It’s very easy to pay for our services. You can use PayPal and WebMoney payment systems, credit cards, and Privat24 online banking system. You can also pay for sending SMS to MegaFon by making non-cash payment.

About MegaFon

It is one the largest mobile operators in Russia belonging to the Big Three. It started to operate in 2000 and currently is operating in all 83 Federal regions servicing more than 60 million of clients. MegaFon carrier codes in different regions: from 920 to 939, except 934 and 935.