SMS mailing to MTS (Vodafone)

You need to send SMS to Vodafone (MTS) via the Internet? Our online company gives you an opportunity to send an unlimited number of SMS to Vodafone, whether there are several of them or hundreds of thousands. The price of one SMS is 22.5 kopiykas. Large networks, online resources, and dealers could count on even more favorable conditions for mass SMS mailing.

Opportunities of SMS mailings

Sending mass SMS to Vodafone and other operators is used to solve different tasks, but it’s mostly demanded by the advertisers. That is hardly surprising. SMS mailing is highly efficient and affordable way to attract customers. It far exceeds other forms of advertising in terms of audience feedback. You can quickly and efficiently promote services/goods to required and potentially interested audience as well as inform customers about various events using mass SMS mailing.

Moreover, there are no restrictions. You need only Internet access to use SMS marketing in your business. In fact, you could plan SMS mailing ahead and feel free to solve other issues.

Many individuals and ordinary customers who need to send a large number of messages to their friends or/and relatives are using the service of sending SMS to Vodafone. It results inconvenient and expensive to do it manually, while provides thoughtful and therefore effective tools for SMS mailings as well as competitive prices.

Benefits of our services for sending SMS to Vodafone (MTS)

  • Reasonable cost. The price for one SMS to Vodafone starts from 22.5 kopiykas.
  • Attractive prices go with suitable payment. You can use electronic payment systems PayPal, WebMoney, credit cards, Privat24 internet banking or make a non-cash payment to refill your account in the system.
  • The speed of sending SMS to Vodafone via our service ranges from 30 to 100 messages per second, which guarantees their timely delivery to customers. The notification delivery system integrated into service interface will help you to evaluate the efficiency of mailing.

About Vodafone

Vodafone is one the largest telecommunication companies. The operator works in 26 countries and was serving 454 million mobile subscribers and 12.5 million fixed internet users as on September 30, 2015. There are more than 18 million Vodafone subscribers in Ukraine.

Vodafone carrier codes are: 50, 66, 95, 99.