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Sending promotional SMS

A promotional mailing is a mailing to persuade to buy a product or order a service. According to a survey, more than 59% of customers made purchases in the store after SMS.

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September 1, 2022
Get -20% on 3 cab rides! Your promo code is winter2067. Valid until 10/31/2022.

Good afternoon, Tatiana. Tomorrow at 12:00,we are waiting for you for an autumn manicure and fragrant coffee with our artist Anna. See you soon!
Thank you for choosing us. You have been credited with 150 bonuses. Hurry to spend them this month!
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Sending promotional messages is used by companies

Increase in the average check and total revenue
To increase sales growth
Retaining new customers
Return of "old" customers
Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty
According to surveys, about 64% of consumers have a positive attitude toward promotional messages. At the same time, short SMS on a smartphone is opened 5 times more often than e-mails.
At the same time, most companies in Ukraine use promotional SMS, so not using them means losing a competitive advantage and a powerful tool for generating income.

What are the benefits of SMS advertising?

Short messages about products/services or notifications of promotional offers help businesses make quick sales. In addition, text messages with advertisements allow you to:
Increase the level of sales and calls
Reach an audience of over 180 countries worldwide
Increase the frequency of refills of subscription products
Send personalized SMS to every customer
Increase customer loyalty to the brand
Deliver an advertising message to thousands of customers simultaneously

Targeted advertising newsletters: business benefits

What is a targeting mailing?

Targeting is a marketing mechanism that allows you to target your audience to build a more effective advertising campaign. It helps you identify potential buyers based on different criteria:

Interests, etc

Thanks to this, you form a list of contacts depending on the selected parameters and can set up the sending of promotional offers to the chosen type of customers.

Many users spend most of their day with their phones in their hands; they will definitely notice and open your message. If it matches the recipient's interests, you increase the chances of a successful interaction. That's why sending targeted messages from a familiar brand generates up to 20% click-throughs.

By launching a targeted mass mailing of advertising SMS, you will be able to:

Interest more than 80% of customers, thereby increasing the conversion rate on the site
Increase brand loyalty because more than 65% of users prefer to receive SMS instead of e-mails
Increase sales because about 30% of recipients will click on the link and make a purchase
Types of SMS mailings
SMS mailing for business
Fast and easy service for sending SMS worldwide
Bulk SMS
Full coverage of your audience at a low cost of service
Transactional SMS messaging
Timely informing about the order, payment, delivery, etc.
Targeted SMS mailings
Targeted advertising messages on a specially selected database
Bulk SMS+Viber
Sending an SMS if the message is not delivered via Viber
Personalized SMS mailings
Address by name, individual offers, birthday greetings
International SMS mailings
Sending SMS by clients in 158+ countries of the world
Number checks by HLR request
Maintaining the database of client numbers up to date
Send SMS to phone via email
A checklist with examples

How to create a text for an effective newsletter:

Advertising through SMS messages should be concise. To write a "working" text, follow the key rules:
September 1, 2022
Maria, have you prepared for summer yet? More than 70 models of sandals are available for you at -a 50% discount
Maria, have you prepared for summer yet? More than 70 models of sandals are available for you at -a 50% discount
In our shoe stores (name) from 25.05 to 1.06. will be a summer sale of sandals. Get ready for summer now!
“Get ready for summer,” “View discounts,” “Order online,” and the like.
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To get consumers interested from the first lines, it's important to follow the rules and not overdo creativity. After all, competent mailing promotes your brand, increases sales, and saves your marketing budget.

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