What is the purpose of SMS marketing?

Modern entrepreneurs have no doubt that SMS marketing is one of the most effective and cheap advertising tools to achieve the following goals:

  • to inform clients about forthcoming events;
  • to conduct opinion polls about the quality of goods and services or in order to collect personal data;
  • to achieve constant interaction with a client;
  • to advertise new trademark, product or service;
  • to increase loyalty of existing and potential clients.

How to create your own clients' database using SMS marketing?

Experience shows that correct and thoughtful phone database for SMS mailing is a crucial factor for success of your marketing campaign. On one hand, people don't want to get messages with useless info. On the other hand, spam distribution is illegal. So you can provide SMS mailout only to those who agreed to receive notifications on behalf of your company.

There are several ways to collect such database. If you want an existing or potential client to agree for mailout, you should rather:

  • Create a special form at your corporate web-site where all willing to get SMS/MMS-notifications would leave their phone numbers.
  • Suggest your clients to fill in a form and leave a telephone number in a corresponding field. Often people tend to fill in such forms when they get discount cards or participate in promotions like prize drawing.

SMS marketing. What info should the client provide?

In order to achieve maximum feedback, you might ask for the following info along with the phone number:

  • name and surname in order to create personalized mailings;
  • date of birth so that you could congratulate a client and offer some discount or bonus. Thus you will emphasize the importance of each client;
  • family members, cars in possession, pets, hobbies in order to use targeted mailing;
  • the law requires written consent for personal data processing as well as consent for receiving newsletters and notifications.

Acquired in such a way database allows you to launch precise, effective SMS marketing. And our service will help you to do it automatically.

If you have no databases available, we can offer our own telephone databases.