SMS marketing in delivery services

It is impossible to get the delivery services up and running by using SMS-mailings only, because a perfect service consists of many components. However, bulk mailings will lead to increase of quality of the service, and multiply the flow of customers. This is undoubtedly a profitable investment in marketing.

Such way of notification is cheap, efficient (the delivery speed is up to 300 SMS/ sec.), and is a subject to analysis due to detailed reports.

For what purposes can a delivery service use bulk SMS-mailing?
  • Information about the company's services.
  • Notification about the status of the order (of course, in the automatic mode. service integrates easily with any program or system).
  • All sorts of promotional notices.
  • Alerts for staff (e.g., couriers about any changes in plans).
  • Congratulations, gratitude (in order to increase loyalty to your delivery service).

You could optimize business processes in the company and reduce the cost of employees' work in case you use SMS marketing properly. All you need to organize SMS-mailing are an account in our online service and a customer base of telephone numbers.