SMS marketing in courier services

Mass mailings are exactly the link due to which you can significantly increase not only the quality of service, but also the flow of customers

Order SMS-mailing for your business right now!
Order SMS-mailing for your business right now!
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Properly using sms marketing in delivery services, you can optimize business processes and reduce the cost of paying employees. All you need to organize SMS distribution is an account in our online service and a database of customer phone numbers.

SMS marketing for delivery services is an inexpensive and quick way to inform, which can be analyzed thanks to detailed reports.

Why do I need SMS-mailing for a delivery service?

You can use SMS for the following types of notifications:

Information notices
Informing about the company's services, work schedule / advertising messages, etc.
Order Tracking
Notification of order status, delivery time, etc.
Messages for employees
Notifying couriers of any changes in work
Congratulations and thanks to increase loyalty to your delivery service

Viber and SMS mailing for everyone

Salons, shops
A simple and effective way to communicate with customers
Online shops
Use SMS to promote and increase sales in your online store
Travel agencies
SMS-mailing for travel agencies - an effective channel of communication with customers
Delivery services
Mass mailings are exactly the link due to which you can significantly increase not only the quality of service, but also the flow of customers
Taxi providers
By integrating our service with your software (free of charge), you will be able to automatically send SMS messages to customers
Advertising agencies
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Newsletter for courier service: features and benefits

SMS mailing for delivery services is a great way to increase the loyalty of regular customers and attract new ones. Marketing research on the effectiveness of this communication channel demonstrates the following data:

  • 7.5 times higher response rate compared to email messages;
  • 98% of customers open a message in the first three minutes after receiving it;
  • 75% of all people don't mind offers from a company in this way.

Take the initiative in your own hands and contact customers with various offers!

What are the advantages of such a communication channel?

In addition to efficiency and effectiveness, automated SMS has other advantages:

  • low price;
  • easy and fast setup;
  • report for each client;
  • full automation of the process - having set it up once, you will not have to return to it again and again
  • increasing customer loyalty.

Promotional notifications, congratulations and thanks, order status notifications, information about services - all this increases customer loyalty and makes you take a fresh look at the service and your company as a whole.

How to set up a mailing list?

With the platform, setting up automatic SMS distribution for a delivery service will not take much time. The action plan is simple:

  1. Registration on the platform;
  2. Loading the database of contacts;
  3. Creation of an SMS mailing template;
  4. Launching an automail.

An extensive list of features and capabilities will allow you to fully experience the benefits of this text marketing channel on your business.