SMS marketing in online stores

Use SMS to promote and increase sales in your online store

Order SMS-mailing for your business right now!
Order SMS-mailing for your business right now!
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SMS mailing for an online store is a must-have at the present time. It acts not only as a tool for providing services to customers, but also provides an effective advertising channel. For the best profit, service-informational and advertising messages should work in conjunction.

Remind customers of the number and amount of the order, the address of the pickup point, warn them about a change in the warehouse work schedule, etc. But at the same time, do not forget to send SMS thanks for the order, congratulate them on the holidays, inform about the next promotion, and also conduct surveys. Moreover, SMS marketing for an online store is a good way to expand your customer base.

Why do you need SMS-mailing for an online store?

You can use SMS for the following types of notifications:

Promotional offers
Tell your customers about discounts, promotions, contests, sales, etc.
Information about new services and products
Service notices
Service SMS related to the purchase of goods and order status
Congratulations to the client on holidays
Personal Alerts
Notification of the arrival of the desired product
Important information
Any important changes in the company that consumers should be aware of
Confirmation of registration on the site or in the loyalty program.

Viber and SMS mailing for everyone

Salons, shops
A simple and effective way to communicate with customers
Online shops
Use SMS to promote and increase sales in your online store
Travel agencies
SMS-mailing for travel agencies - an effective channel of communication with customers
Delivery services
Mass mailings are exactly the link due to which you can significantly increase not only the quality of service, but also the flow of customers
Taxi providers
By integrating our service with your software (free of charge), you will be able to automatically send SMS messages to customers
Advertising agencies
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Advantages of bulk SMS mailings in the operation of an online store

  • Saving time (in the shortest possible time you can convey information to consumers).
  • Cost savings (low price of bulk SMS)
  • Efficiency (the most "close", point contact with the client in combination with targeting opportunities).
  • Improving the image of the online store.

You need to understand that unnamed SMS (with a phone number instead of the brand name), also of strange content (it is not clear to whom and for what purpose addressed) cannot give solidity to any company. And in general, all the benefits of using SMS marketing for an online store are justified only in the case of a well-thought-out advertising strategy and the “right” choice of SMS service.

Why is it worth ordering SMS mailing for an online store from us?

SMS Club service offers:

  • intuitive interface and convenient personal account;
  • favorable and competitive prices;
  • several payment methods;
  • creating mailing lists for online stores for any customer base;
  • expert advice;
  • shipment statistics.

Cooperation with us means reliable communication channels, high mailing speed, real reports and competent analytics.

Moreover, setting up SMS and viber mailings for an online store with SMS Club is a matter of minutes!