SMS marketing in online shops

You just must use SMS mailing when operating an online shop. First of all, it is a key to providing an excellent service to your customers. You should also keep in mind that service, advertisement and notification messages make up an effective combination. It would seem strange if the shop notifies of promotions but "forgets" to inform that the ordered goods are waiting at the warehouse. It is vital to provide customers delivery and shop update as well as stimulate sales increase and multiply clients base with the help of SMS marketing. Otherwise, you might just loose out competition!

Online shops should order SMS mailing in order to inform about:

  • New services or goods.
  • Discounts or new promotions.
  • Arrival of ordered goods.
  • Service notifications like order status or delivery.
  • Confirm registration at the web-site or participation in loyalty programs.
  • Any important changes in the company that the client must be aware of.
  • Congratulations.

The advantages of using mass SMS mailout for the purposes of online shop are obvious:

  • Time-saving (you deliver the info to your customers in the shortest time).
  • Money-saving (low prices).
  • Efficiency (the most selective client approach combined with targeting opportunities).
  • Promotes reputation of the online-shop.
  • It can be both SMS mailing and messages in instant messengers (for example, Viber).

It is worth mentioning that nameless messages (containing phone number instead of brand name) or messages with strange content (without proper address) may harm a company's reputation. If you want to experience all advantages of SMS marketing, you should think of smart promotion campaign, proper analytics, choose a reliable and fast SMS distribution provider that will guarantee you real reports. Then you won't blame copywriters, ineffective mailout or sales managers.

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