SMS advertising agency marketing

Today, advertising agency marketers are increasingly using SMS messaging.

Order SMS-mailing for your business right now!
Order SMS-mailing for your business right now!
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Why use an SMS platform for an advertising agency?

Advertising agencies promote clients' products, promote companies and brands. But this does not at all reduce the need to advertise your own services and attract new customers. SMS application for these purposes is the best fit.

Informing customers about the stages of order fulfillment
Notifications about promotions, accumulated bonuses, etc.
Advertising messages
Advertising of additional services, updates
congratulations to regular customers on holidays

Viber and SMS mailing for everyone

Salons, shops
A simple and effective way to communicate with customers
Online shops
Use SMS to promote and increase sales in your online store
Travel agencies
SMS-mailing for travel agencies - an effective channel of communication with customers
Delivery services
Mass mailings are exactly the link due to which you can significantly increase not only the quality of service, but also the flow of customers
Taxi providers
By integrating our service with your software (free of charge), you will be able to automatically send SMS messages to customers
Advertising agencies
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Advantages of the SMS center for advertising agencies

SMS service for registering advertising agencies is the best marketing solution that will allow you to simultaneously advertise yourself, attract new customers and increase profits. Other benefits:

  • saving the company money, time and effort of employees;
  • a simple and convenient service that allows you to set up a mailing list for both print media and webmasters;
  • quick and targeted informing customers about upcoming promotions, order fulfillment stages, price changes and the introduction of new services;
  • additional promotion of the advertising agency itself.

One small message contains enough advertising information! In addition, such a channel is characterized by low costs, wide audience coverage, and 100% probability of attracting the attention of the target audience.

What opportunities does SMS Club provide?

SMS Club has prepared a unique and effective solution for advertising agencies. Our SMS platform allows you to:

  • make the sending of informational and advertising messages fully automated;
  • organize feedback with customers;
  • integrate the SMS distribution service with the software of the advertising agency.

The site interface is convenient and transparent. Prices are the best on the market. We offer a personal consultant to each client.