SMS marketing in boutiques, shops, salons

A simple and effective way to communicate with customers

Order SMS-mailing for your business right now!
Order SMS-mailing for your business right now!
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SMS mailings for stores, salons and boutiques are not only a way to sell more right here and now, but also a means of providing a better service, an opportunity to earn the trust and loyalty of customers. In addition to the fact that such a communication channel with customers increases sales, it also works for the future - it improves the image and brand awareness.

Why do you need SMS-mailing in stores and salons?

You can use SMS for the following types of notifications:

Promotional offers
Information about promotions, contests, sales, quizzes, etc.
The boutique/salon has expanded its range and/or list of services, changed its work schedule or address.
Reminders of an upcoming appointment for a service/procedure.
Congratulations to the client on holidays
Personal Alerts
Notification of the arrival of the desired product

Viber and SMS mailing for everyone

Salons, shops
A simple and effective way to communicate with customers
Online shops
Use SMS to promote and increase sales in your online store
Travel agencies
SMS-mailing for travel agencies - an effective channel of communication with customers
Delivery services
Mass mailings are exactly the link due to which you can significantly increase not only the quality of service, but also the flow of customers
Taxi providers
By integrating our service with your software (free of charge), you will be able to automatically send SMS messages to customers
Advertising agencies
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Send SMS or call?

The times when the number of sales did not depend on advertising, but was directly determined only by the assortment and cost of goods, are long gone. Today, when shopping centers, boutiques and all kinds of stores are literally at every step, the success of a business is predetermined by the correct selection and skillful use of marketing tools. One of these is customer communication.

“Call and inform about new products, promotions or make an SMS mailing from the store?” is a question that can be answered with dry statistics. 98% of people will open and read a message in the first three minutes. At the same time, only half will answer the phone, and even less will listen to the information.

If we also add the ability to inform a huge number of potential or existing customers using SMS, the minimum cost of a message, then the choice is obvious: SMS mailing for a store or salon is what modern business needs.

Why do I need SMS mailing for clients of a beauty salon or store?

For stores and salons, regular sending of SMS with different content is:

  • increase in sales;
  • attracting new customers (faceless stores that do not regularly remind of themselves gradually disappear);
  • increasing customer loyalty (people want to feel needed and important, even to stores);
  • notification of customers about new products, promotions, discounts, events.

In the end result, all this will positively affect the profit of the store.

What to write in SMS?

The text of SMS mailing for clients of a beauty salon or store should ideally consist of four blocks:

  1. Greetings;
  2. Brief essence of the appeal (holding promotions, receiving new products, etc.);
  3. The time frame of the offer (dates of the promotion, the day of the new arrival of the goods);
  4. Call to action.

The solution for stores and salons from the SMS Club mailing service allows you to generate messages automatically. It is enough to prepare templates only once.