SMS marketing in stores, showrooms

According to statistics, subscribers prefer to receive advertising SMS-messages rather than similar calls. Memorized phrases said by operators are annoying, the subject of the conversation is vague at the beginning, and the timing may not be appropriate. From this point of view, SMS-mailing is more useful, but there is a catch. Many entrepreneurs and managers entrust secretaries, salespersons, operators and other staff with this "easy" work (we mean SMS Marketing). Usually, the employees have no idea how to use this tool in practice. They neither know the peculiarities nor pitfalls. In the end, it turns out that the most effective and the cheapest marketing tool brings losses.

In order for this strategy to become successful, it is essential to get the maximum information about your own clients. Segmentation of a Customer base by status, desirable services, appropriate frequency of distributions, not to mention the age and gender of the customers, will allow you to achieve the best results. The better you know your customers, the more accurate and attractive offers you can provide.

The same thing can be said about the distribution to clients of boutiques and shops. People are accustomed to discounts, sales, promotions. They will be grateful for any helpful information.

Ideally, of course, you should use one of the CRM-systems, which will allow to easily automate the process of data gathering and its further analysis. Anyway, there's always Excel at your disposal.

Do not forget that SMS-mailing for shops, showrooms is not just a way to sell more right here and right now, but also a way to provide better service, to earn the trust and loyalty of your customers. All that means working for the future, growing an audience that will advocate for your brand.

In what cases is it suitable to distribute SMS-mailings?
  • You have an information about promotions, competitions, sales, contests and so on.
  • You conduct seminars, workshops and other activities.
  • Your Boutique/Salon has expanded the range of goods and/or a list of services.
  • There is a new branch or an address of a shop has been changed.
  • Reminders of appointments.
  • Notification of arrival of the desired product (it might be a single mailing, but a grateful client is the best reward and a plus in your karma).
  • Congratulations.

Do not forget that SMS marketing must perfectly fit into the overall advertising strategy, and interact effectively with the rest of its elements.