SMS marketing in taxi

Taxi service is one of those entities where agility is of huge importance. Therefore, the entrepreneurs that are interested in the success try to optimize workflows and build them most efficiently. In this case, SMS-mailing will become the main assistant. You can integrate our service with your software (free of charge) and thus perform automatic SMS-mailing to customers. This means absolutely all of your customers will be informed about a car being driven to the door in time. That will ease the burden on the operators and increase their productivity.

Connecting to our SMS gateway is easy and painless. You can discuss the matter in all details with our managers.

Taxi services can combine SMS-mailings with advertising notifications. Use wide mobile marketing opportunities, for example, organize SMS-mailing to those subscribers who have used the service only once. As practice shows, this maneuver allows you to turn a certain share of one-time customers into permanent ones.

SMS-mailing is good, but that's not all...

Although it is hard to overestimate the opportunities of mobile marketing (either in a taxi service or in any other area of business), we all understand that this is not an absolute cure. It is not some SMS notification or a discount sent via SMS that commit customers, but rather good service. That is, you should attract clients using SMS-mailing in case you have something to offer.

Leave it to say that some things are compulsory (clean and fresh cabin, neat and polite driver, and so on) But there is something which you can excel. For example, the driver could:

  • Help your clients load and remove items from the trunk.
  • Keep car umbrella in the car, in case of necessity to walk the passengers to the door.
  • Offer passengers a right to choose music (or at least switch to some alternative to the chanson).
  • Have a child seat in the trunk.

Finally, imagine a client getting a small present from the company — it may be a chocolate bar with your logo, a magnet for the refrigerator with the contacts of your taxi service, a pen... anything. In this case, the probability of re-ordering strongly increases . Advertising SMS-mailing will do the rest.

When the level of service exceeds that of competitors, and effective marketing tools are involved for implementation of promotional strategies, then miracles begin.