SMS marketing in tourism companies

Travel agencies often prefer expensive, prestigious advertising channels (of course, because any tours are not cheap). Meanwhile, SMS-mailing seems for travel agencies not worth including in the advertising budget.

Most consumers use the services of travel agencies less than twice a year. And they are unlikely to keep these web-sites in their Favorites or surf the pages to read news ... Obviously, it is important to continuously expand your customer base. That's where you need SMS-mailings. This tool fits perfectly for travel agencies and tour companies, because the price of even one purchased travel voucher covers any costs for sending messages.

Do you have any doubts about the advertising messaging? But advertising requires constant experimentation! In addition, the effectiveness of any SMS-mailing is absolutely measurable. Given the low prices for SMS messages, and the fact that an extremely high percentage of those messages are read by the recipients, it would be a crime not to try this tool. In addition, the successful experience of our customers will encourage you to give it a try.

SMS-mailing is a profitable tool for any travel agency
  • An effective advertising channel for attracting new customers and encouraging existing (special SMS- offers, promotions etc.);
  • A good way to draw attention to your agency (useful and interesting news);
  • A way for increasing the service quality(important SMS-reminders, recommendations etc.);
  • An ability to improve customer loyalty (gratitude messages and congratulations).

Despite being so simple, our service has sufficient range of options and, of course, allows you to computerize the process of distribution of SMS-notifications. In addition, the managers, if necessary, will advise you on work with the service and advertising itself. After many years of diligent work we have accumulated much knowledge based on experience of our customers, including many travel agencies.

We are always happy to help you make your SMS-mailings successful.