SMS travel agency marketing

SMS-mailing for travel agencies - an effective channel of communication with customers

Order SMS-mailing for your business right now!
Order SMS-mailing for your business right now!
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Travel companies often prefer expensive, prestigious advertising channels, while SMS mailing for travel agencies looks unworthy of inclusion in the advertising budget. But in vain!

According to statistics, 97% of text messages are opened immediately upon receipt. Therefore, SMS-mailing for a travel agency is a good way to keep in touch with customers, expand the base and survive in a fairly competitive environment.

Why do you need SMS-mailing for a travel agency?

You can use SMS for the following types of notifications:

The expansion of the customer base
An effective advertising channel to attract new customers (special sms offers, promotions, etc.)
Reminder + stimulus
A good way to stay in the public eye and stimulate existing customers
Thanks SMS
Opportunity to improve customer loyalty
Congratulations to the client on holidays

Viber and SMS mailing for everyone

Salons, shops
A simple and effective way to communicate with customers
Online shops
Use SMS to promote and increase sales in your online store
Travel agencies
SMS-mailing for travel agencies - an effective channel of communication with customers
Delivery services
Mass mailings are exactly the link due to which you can significantly increase not only the quality of service, but also the flow of customers
Taxi providers
By integrating our service with your software (free of charge), you will be able to automatically send SMS messages to customers
Advertising agencies
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Newsletters for travel companies

Reading about a hot offer via SMS is one thing, but seeing the azure sea with snow-white beaches when it is snowing outside is completely different. Travel companies, trying to stay in touch with customers and increase the number of sold tours, are increasingly using Viber. One of the most popular instant messengers in the world has many advantages. One of them is the ability to add visual content.

Why should travel agencies use Viber?

Mailings for travel agencies through this messenger have a number of advantages:

  • The ability to compose a long message with a beautiful visual design. For the tourism business, this is extremely important, because people do not buy a tour, but an impression that can be shown right now in the photo.
  • Favorable cost.
  • Fast shipping. A hot, abandoned tour can be “sold” instantly with just one click of the “start mailing” button.
  • Automation of the process.
  • Unique channel name.
  • The ability to customize the list of subscribers according to various parameters and personal preferences of customers.

Personal account mailing service SMS Club allows you to set up a mailing list for a travel agency quickly and effortlessly, even for those who have never used such a marketing tool.

Mailing use cases

Travel agencies should pay attention to the service Viber newsletters for:

  • Sales of hot tours;
  • Informing customers about changes in tours, flight departure times and for the purpose of providing any other information that should be read "here and now".
  • Formulation of documents.
  • Advertising of seasonal tours.

Our manager will help you go through all the setup steps and answer any questions regarding the mailing list.