SMS CLUB is a Ukrainian company.

We have been in the mobile marketing market since 2006. We like what we do, and we strive to be the best at what we do. Our dedicated work is aimed at the good of the country, economic development, and public institutions.

The greatest value for a company is people. From the first day of the war, we focused on the safety of our workers and the preservation of our capabilities. The company operates in full force in different cities of Ukraine, and Europe and continues its development. We did not stop working during the war even for a single day.

The slogan "Stay in touch!" became the second most important after "Stay alive!".

We and our communication services will stay with you until Victory, and after that, we will help rebuild and improve all business processes at all key levels of suppliers, associates, consumers, and other contractors.

How can SMS CLUB Ukraine help you?


We know everything about SMS mailing, either its technical or marketing aspects. Our tech support and call-center managers know the answers to all your questions.

SMS CLUB has helped over 12 000 companies to achieve their business aims. There are private entrepreneurs and large companies among our clients, like food stores, national taxi providers, banks, insurance companies, advertisement agencies and so on.

We save your time and money

We are a huge mailing provider and that gives us the right to sign direct contracts with the mobile providers. As we work without intermediaries, we can guarantee cheapest prices, fast sending/delivery speed, convenient Cabinet with broad functionality in order to quickly manage any issues concerning mailout.

Also we took care about a possibility of integrating SMS mailing with your software, so you'll be able to send messages automatically from your own web-sites, CRM systems and so on. Read more about all possible ways to connect to our SMS-gateway here.

We save your nerve

We provide stable, uninterrupted SMS service due to reserve channels. We guarantee confidentiality of your info and data, including number databases.

We set no limits for you

We can provide either single or bulk SMS delivery not only throughout Ukraine, but throughout the CIS countries and all over the world.

We are open for cooperation! Ask our managers how to become a dealer.
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