International SMS messaging

Sending messages abroad allows you to sell your products and stay in touch with customers in 158+ countries, including those who have gone there.
September 1, 2022
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What is the difference between sending messages abroad and sending them within Ukraine?

The process of sending SMS to other countries is almost the same as standard messaging. You need to register on the site, register your own alpha name and go to "My Account," where you will find the "Create Newsletter" option. You can send messages through our service to any country and any number of any provider.

Rules of international mailing

Before sending messages to your customers, it's important to keep a few rules in mind:

Send messages at the right time

An advertising message in the early morning or middle of the night is unlikely to interest the client, it is more likely to cause irritation. So pay attention to the time zones of the countries you choose.

Send an SMS with the client's approval

Many countries prohibit advertising mailings without the subscriber's permission. To avoid problems, it is better to clarify this point in advance and use a verified contacts database.

Stick to regularity

You need to remind about yourself from time to time, but it's better to do it no more than 2-3 times a month

International texting by SMS Club provides you with

Sending to 180+ countries of the world and numbers of 1,000+ operators
Messages in any language
Fast delivery – 100 SMS per second
Easy integration with your software
Successful delivery 97% of the time
Using an international alpha name
Setting up automatic messaging
Transmit messages via HTTP, XML, PHP, and SMPP protocols

Types of SMS mailings


SMS mailing for business

Fast and easy service for sending SMS worldwide


Evolved SMS. Coming soon to SMS Club

Promotional SMS mailings

Increasing sales, product promotion, brand awareness

Transactional SMS messaging

Timely informing about the order, payment, delivery, etc.

Bulk SMS+Viber

Sending an SMS if the message is not delivered via Viber

Targeted SMS mailings

Targeted advertising messages on a specially selected database

Personalized SMS mailings

Address by name, individual offers, birthday greetings

Number checks by HLR request

Maintaining the database of client numbers up to date

Automatic SMS

Schedule birthday greetings, reminders of important events, and more.

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