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RCS is a new messaging technology that offers greater convenience and advancements compared to SMS.

It supports file and multimedia content transfer, voice messaging, the creation of group chats, and more. Currently, RCS messaging is available exclusively on Android
September 1, 2022
CTR in RCS-campaigns is higher than in SMS-campaigns
Compared to SMS, RCS conversion rate is 50% higher
RCS messages can be branded to reflect the company's identity and recognizable style
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About us in numbers
3 000 000 000 Messages sent
32 000+ Customers trust us
up to 10 seconds Message delivery
from 0,64 UAH Price per message
15 years Company in the market

Advantages of RCS messages over SMS:

Support photos, video, audio and other files; buttons, QR codes
There are on every Android smartphone - work through the built-in messenger
Users can reply to messages
Tracking status - whether the message is read or not
You can call in one click by pressing the button in the message
You can send geo-location, read checks, etc.

75% of users around the world use the Android OS. In Ukraine – about 80%.

RCS is similar to Viber in functionality, but its price will be less, which makes it interesting for business

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