Viber messaging

for business

Effective mass mailings of Viber messages

Alpha Name and verification mark
API integration
Lowest price in the market
September 1, 2022
Tatiana, get a -15% discount before the New Year for full body massage
International shipment SA12234 in the 03100 office in Kiev, 60 Pobedy Ave.
-3000.00 UAH cash withdrawal, Card 5355***4487. Balans:1031.89 UAH
Your login password: 223ytubrg3#. Do not share your personal information with 3rd parties!
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Viber business messaging – increase business profits

Sell to a new client 20 times more than to a current client. Viber newsletters are the best way to get sales on existing clients, raise conversion rates, and increase repeat orders without large investments in advertising.

Viber automatic message sending

September 1, 2022
Only on November 25, on Black Friday, you can buy the products you've always wanted in our store at the best price with savings up to 70%!

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The name of your company or brand up to 28 characters
Your newsletter text up to 1,000 characters
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Button with a CTA or a call

SMS Club functionality for Viber business messaging

Your brand Personal discount of -20% on any product in the store...
Your brand Personal discount of -20% on any product in the store...
Your brand Personal discount of -20% on any product in the store...
WellGirl: Tatiana, get a -15% discount before the New Year on full body massage
Sign me up for June 15 at 3:00 pm :)
We've signed you up and are looking forward to seeing you on June 15!

API Integration/Web Interface

Connect to the SMS Club service via API. Set up integration with your program or website. We provide documentation for the connection.

Link reduction

Cut down on the links in the cabinet and send more information in one message.
Delivered 12 456
Read 11 256
Delivered 12 456
Read 11 256
Start Newsletter
20 hours
Additional SMS sending

Why people have been working with us for years*

*Gathered from surveys of 100+ clients who have been with us for a long time.

Low price

Free general Alfa Name after registration, connection without a subscription fee, and 10 test SMS as a gift.

Simple web interface

95% of the time, customers figure it out on their own and send messages. But we are available 24/7 to help.

Wide coverage and API integration

We connect automatic newsletters to 100+ programs and CRM systems.
Data security

Data security

Your data will be securely stored.
Technical support

24/7/365 support

We provide a personal manager. Technical support is really in touch 24/7 in a messenger convenient for you.
Loyalty program

Developed loyalty program

We make favorable discounts for large volumes.

Work around the world

We send SMS to over 158 countries.

Fast sending

It takes 5-10 minutes to prepare a newsletter. And message delivery time is 3-11 seconds.

The cost of business messages in Viber

Number of messages (pcs./month)
Cost per message
9000 - 18 000
0.0222 EUR
18 001 - 200 000
0.0212 EUR
200 001 - 500 000
0.0210 EUR
500 001 +
Agreed price
The minimum cost of the Package is €200 per month
The cost depends on the type of sending the message. The price of a transactional message is €0.01

Types of Viber newsletters

Viber + SMS

Sending SMS instead of undelivered Viber messages

Viber promotional mailings

Links to the website, click buttons, images, up to 1000 characters in a message

Transactional SMS

Viber messages about parcels sent or delivered, operation status, etc.

Viber 2 Way

Communication with customer feedback

How to sign up for Viber messaging for business

4 simple steps to start a newsletter in the SMS Club

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Sign up for the SMS Club service.
This should have been a great picture.
Sign in to your personal cabinet.
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Get verified in Viber
our specialists will help you.
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Send newsletters from your personal cabinet
or automate the process via API integration.
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Increase profits with Viber messaging

A few tips on how to increase profits today

Шаг 1

Increase the number of sales by 20% in one newsletter

Attract customers with discounts, seasonal sales, and promotions. Use bright banners and buttons to make customers see the value of the offer and make a purchase.
Шаг 2

Stop losing customers on “abandoned carts”

Send a notification of an incomplete order and offer to return. Add a call and link so the customer goes to the site and completes the purchase.
Шаг 3

Increase repurchase rates

Remind the customer about an expiration date or balance, new products, or a promotion. Complete the message with a quick link to the payment page.
How we help businesses
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Trading networks

Viber mailing list for children's store

ROI 150% and +20% sales
Trading networks

Viber mailing list of a furniture hypermarket

Profit +15% per month
Trading networks

Viber mailing list for a building materials store

How to get a ROI of 469% by spending about $150 on mailing lists
Leisure and sports

Viber mailing list for a restaurant

How a restaurant increased seating by 25% from one mailing
Trading networks

Brand outlet Viber mailing list

ROI 125% and +17% sales

Viber mailing list for public utilities

Return of 30% of client debt after the first mailing


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Вероніка Шенгера
Будь-хто, хто коли-небудь писав масові електронні листи клієнтам, знає, які кропіткі зусилля необхідні для створення ідеального заголовка та тексту самого листа, щоб отримати хороший показник відкритості та змусити людей переходити за посиланням. Ми втомилися писати простирадла тексту, замовляти дизайнерські зображення і при цьому не отримуючи нічого, крім одиничних переходів. Підключили Вайбер розсилку і не помилилися. Показники зросли. Повідомлення розсилаються без особливих зусиль. Загалом ми задоволені.
Григорий Мулявко
Советую SMS Club. Несмотря на простой кабинет — набор возможностей API отличный. Условия приемлемые, цены адекватные.
Евгений Лобанов
Достойный сервис за небольшие деньги. Результат выше, чем ожидался. Менеджеры компетентны, советы полезны.
Дарина Мелехова
З початку війни наша компанія вирішила дати нашим покупцям безпечну можливість купувати необхідні продукти через інтернет, а не в звичайних магазинах. Вирішили це робити за допомогою Viber розсилок та звернулися до компанії СМС Клуб. Аналіз показав, що повідомлення з Вайбера активно використовувалися постійними клієнтами. Також нам вдалося розширити на третину клієнтську базу і, головне, налагодити комунікацію з покупцями.
Олена Коваленко
За допомогою розсилок через Viber повернули частину клієнтів, скоротили відсоток покинутих кошиків.
Daniel Molino
Service is ok. Simple clear personal account. Such functionality is inexpensive. I like that everything is easy and affordable. I recommend SMS Club for Viber mailing.
Jakub Novak
We chose a mailer for our company for a long time. Contacted SMS Club. Integration with the site went quickly, the information is collected, the templates are normal. They helped us with the alpha name. In general, everything went smoothly.
Pauline Byrne
We ordered viber mailings. Bribed that only delivered messages are paid. Simple, convenient and economical!


How to start a business newsletter in Viber?

  1. Go to the website of SMS Club. Enter data for registration and enter your personal cabinet.
  2. Go through the verification process together with the manager and decide on the Alpha Name.
  3. Upload the client base and the text for the message. Click the “Send” button.

From 0.02 euro. Depends on the total number of text messages sent (the minimum Viber package is 9,000 messages).

Who will be the sender of business messages via Viber?

SMS Club uses the official Viber channel. To send newsletters, you must register your Alpha Name. Ask your personal manager for help.

What are the peculiarities of filling out a newsletter on Viber?

Companies can send messages with text up to 1,000 characters, add pictures, stickers, and links. It’s also possible to get responses from customers to messages you send. The main feature of Viber mailing is an attractive action button, for example, “Buy in 2 minutes” or “Get discount”.