Checking the number by HLR request

Increase the efficiency of SMS sending – perform a base check and receive only active numbers!
one day to check numbers
current base for many months
savings from 20% of the budget for mailing
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Why should a business send an HLR request

Attract active customers
Mobile operators charge for sent SMS, not delivered. Therefore, it is necessary to check the availability of subscribers in order to send out mailings to the active base. This primarily applies to foreign mobile operators. For an up-to-date list of service coverage by country and operator, please contact your manager.
Reduce mailing costs
By discarding inactive numbers, as well as subscribers in roaming, you can create the perfect mailing list. The check results will allow you to calculate the budget, reduce costs and save 20% of the entire cost of the advertising campaign.

Why is it advantageous to use HLR requests?

Save your marketing budget

The price of HLR starts from 0.1 UAH per number. And timely updating of the contact database can save up to 20% of the budget for SMS campaigns

Operate with useful information

HLR phone number verification allows you to check the portability of the number (whether it has been ported to another operator), activity, roaming, and the operator itself.

Conduct 100% confidential verification

Customers will not receive any notification. The mobile operator does not inform the subscriber about the interest of third parties in the current status of the number.

Types of SMS mailings


Business SMS

Fast and easy service to send SMS worldwide


Evolved SMS. Coming soon to SMS Club

Promotional SMS mailings

Increasing sales, product promotion, brand awareness

Transactional SMS mailings

Timely informing about the order, payment, delivery, etc.

Bulk Viber+SMS

Resending SMS on non-delivery via Viber

Targeted SMS mailings

Targeted advertising messages on a specially selected database

Personalized SMS mailings

Address by name, individual offers, birthday greetings

International SMS mailings

Sending SMS by clients in 158+ countries of the world

Automatic SMS

Schedule birthday greetings, reminders of important events, and more.

Launch HLR in SMS Club

Register on SMS Club and start checking because you are waiting for:

  • speed: 5,000 numbers per hour
  • technical support 24/7/365

Contact your manager. They will provide information on specific countries and cellular operators for which the service is available.

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What is HLR?

Home Location Register is a way to find out the current status of the entered number or list of numbers. The request is sent to cellular operators serving the specified subscribers. 

Why check number activity with HLR?

Checking will help clean up the list of numbers for mailing and filter out unavailable subscribers. Thus, you will increase the effectiveness of the mailing and reduce costs by sending SMS to selected consumers. 

Will any of the subscribers receive a notification about the verification of the number?

No. By checking on the SMS Club service, you can be sure of its confidentiality. We seek information from cellular companies that do not notify subscribers. 

How often should an HLR check?

SMS Club experts recommend segmenting the database once a month. The schedule of checks should be drawn up considering the conduct of SMS mailings.