About the company

We are a Ukrainian service, which cooperates with entrepreneurs worldwide since 2008 (except for Russia). We aim to help companies earn by increasing revenue from current clients and attracting new ones. According to our clients, the SMS Club platform is convenient and clear, and technical support is always ready to help 24/7 in any messenger or by phone.

Registering on the service, you can start a single or bulk SMS distribution, communicate with clients in Viber, collect statistics and use other features. You'll also get to know a personal manager, who will accompany you at every stage of mailing preparation and launching.
Facts about us
2008 год the year of foundation
50К active clients
32К companies
158+ countries receive the newsletter
3 000 000 000 emails sent

SMS Club Principles

24/7/365 Help

We will be a support and backbone for you in times of cooperation in a convenient messenger or on the phone. There is no question that we would not solve.

Employee comfort

We work remotely, provide financial and psychological assistance to employees, and visit thematic forums to improve our service.

Work worldwide

We send newsletters to 158 countries and cooperate with more than 32,000 companies all over the world and Ukraine.

How we developed

2008 – Company Birthday
We launched the first SMS distribution in Ukraine.
2015 – International SMS distribution
We set up international SMS sending to help our customers expand their business.
2017 – Viber
We have enabled our clients to reach a larger audience and send out messages with images, buttons, and feedback.
2020 – Voice mailings
We created a robot for automatic voice calls to the customer base in order to reduce the workload and costs for sales managers and quality departments.
2022 – Chat Bots
We made the first chatbot for our client. We began accepting orders to develop chatbots for companies to quickly communicate with their audiences in Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

Our team

The greatest value for the company is people. During COVID-19, we switched to remote work so that our employees would not have to worry about their health and the condition of their loved ones. 

From the first day of the war, we provided moral and material support to our specialists. We worked and continue to work, as usual, helping our client partners develop their businesses during such a difficult time. 

Professional development at company expense
we organize trainings, forums, conferences, and refresher courses.
Open and fair treatment
evaluate the contribution to the company of each team member and do not hide management decisions.
Financial support
we take care of employees in all life situations, now financially helping an employee on the front line.
Effective service
we hire specialists inspired by the product's benefits and are happy to help customers.

Миссия SMS club

The mission of SMS club is to help small and medium-sized businesses to become even more successful, well-known, and profitable, as well as to develop loyalty to your company with the help of newsletters. To do this, we have developed a fast and convenient service, and our customer service is in touch even on New Year’s Eve. 

Sign up, send 10 free SMS, connect Viber, order bots – and increase profits from your business!