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How can I be sure that my phone database is secure?

We do comprehend that our clients want their databases to remain safe and intact. We can achieve long-time and successful cooperation only by taking all possible precautions against theft and unauthorized access. You can learn more about it in the Security Policy section.

Besides, we can provide additional safety measures to protect your databases.

Questions about using the site


May I address to each recipient by name when using mass mailing?

Easy as pie. Such type of mass distribution we call Personalized mailing.

Just press a appropriate button when typing a message. Special character will appear in the text and the recipient’s name will be inserted automatically.



Why do I add 1000 numbers to a group but get only 956 instead?

When you add numbers to a group the system removes the repeating numbers. Thus only one unique number is left (even if it has been enlisted for 23 times). It helps to avoid sending the same SMS to one subscriber multiple times.


How quickly do you send SMS?

Our service is capable of sending 30-100 SMS messages per second so your clients will get their notifications in a blink of an eye.


I send an SMS but the site says that there's two of them. Why so?

All mobile providers allow the same quantity of characters:

Qty – Latin (ASCII) – Cyrillic
1 – 160 – 70
2 – 306 – 134
3 – 459 – 201
4 – 612 – 268

Each SMS may contain up to160 Latin characters (precisely, ASCII font). You may send a text up to 612 Latin characters or up to 268 Cyrillic characters at a time.SMS messages consisting of several parts just stick together so the recipient sees one long message.

So the limit of each SMS is not divisible by 160 or 70 due to such “sticking” process. The price for each part is calculated as for a separate message. Pay attention that some old mobile phones can receive SMS consisting of no longer than 3 stuck parts.

The phones unable to receive any stuck SMS will soon cease to exist.

If there is any odd out character, the system would consider a message inconsistent with ASCII and thus calculate the tariff for each 70 characters, including spaces.


So how to create an SMS mailing?

In order to create a SMS mailing, you have to register on our web-site or just sign in (enter your login and password). After registration, we will credit you the bonus money 2 UAH, the money available to you as a bonus, to test our service and the possibility of sending messages to the moment when you manager is not contacted, your account is in test mode, and some SMS may not be delivered, due to the limitation and protection against spam. After the call from our manager, your account goes into the status of User. You have a universal default name (the name of which comes from SMS to the phone) for testing single messages, which would perform a mass mailing is required to apply for registration of personal Alpha Name or register universal. Then choose “Create mailing” in your Cabinet. If you want to send a single SMS, just enter the Sender ID (up to 11 Latin characters and numbers), recipient phone number and a text. Then press “Send” button. That’s all!

If you want to create mass SMS mailing, you have to create Sender ID (Alpha-name) and a group of recipients first.


How would I know who has received my message?

In order to see who among the recipients have received the message and who haven’t, go to the “Reports” page. Find your mailing in the “Operations” and click the button with a magnifying glass. You will be redirected to a page with detailed mailing report where the statuses of all SMS messages are displayed.


Can I distribute a mailout to my own base of recipients?

Of course you can! Find “Number database” menu in your Cabinet and click an “Add database”.



Can I send SMS-messages automatically from my web-site/billing/1C etc?

Yes, you can. You may find the examples of such connection on the Service connection page. Please notice that you should register at first so that you can follow your mailings. Connection through SMPP / HTTP / XML is possible.

Also we can provide test SMPP connection by request.


What is a Sender ID (or Alpha-name)?

This is the name of sender that your recipients will see. For example, “SMS CLUB”.


What is a Black list?

A black list is a place, where you store numbers of those recipients who do not want to get SMS-messages from you. In order not to edit the whole group or search for the number, then delete it, then upload another phone and so on, you just add a number to the black list , so the messages won’t be sent to that recipient any more.



Is it possible to send SMS to other countries?

You could send SMS to any number of any provider in the world if there is a cellular communication in that country. Visit “Prices for SMS to other countries ” to learn more.


What is operator's mailout?

You can manage mass mailing throughout your target group by using operator’s mailout. You can send SMS to recipients from a particular city or to car owners, for example. In other words, this is a targeted mass SMS mailing with the help of our databases.


How to clear the database?

After one of your mailings are completed, open a detailed report, find phone numbers that are marked as “Rejected” or “Undeliverable” and simply delete them out of the group.


How long does it take for a SMS to be delivered?

If you don’t set SMS life expectancy on the web-site, then it is set automatically for the longest time possible. Each operator has a different time limit. Please see the table below:

Operator Life limit, on default
Lifecell 24 hrs
Kyivstar, Beeline 72 hrs
Vodafone 72 hrs
Utel 72 hrs
PeopleNET 72 hrs
Intertelecom 24 hrs



How to refill my balance using the web-site?

There are few ways to refill your money balance:

  • Use online payment services (LiqPay, Privat24, Interkassa, WebMoney, PayPal etc.)
  • Deposit money to our account at any banking office in Ukraine. Visit Payment page to learn more.
  • Refill the e-wallet WebMoney|I-BOX 24 NON STOP
  • Non-cash payment (minimum 500 UAH).

All possible ways of payment and details are described at the Payment page.


What would happen to my balance if I don't use your service for a long time? Will the money expire?

No, your balance account will remain the same. We charge money only for SMS delivery.

Other questions


I want to become your dealer. What do I need to do for that?

Every partnership is unique so we provide special offer and cooperation for each dealer. Call us and we’ll make a deal!


What kinds of report does the site provide?

  • ENROUTE – message accepted;
  • DELIVRD – message delivered;
  • FAILED – failed to deliver a message;
  • EXPIRED – the storage time of a message has expired (the recipient haven’t received the SMS during its life limit period);
  • UNDELIV – undeliverable message (the phone number might be turned off, connection failure or the number is added to a black list;
  • NOREPORT – delivery report is pending (the phone might be turned off);
  • REJECTD – a message has been rejected by mobile provider (due to prohibited Sender ID or SPAM suspicions).
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