Price of SMS sending

from 0,64 UAH

The cost of SMS depends on the volume of messages per month. Below is the current price list for 2023
September 1, 2022
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SMS pricing in Ukraine with an alpha name

Number of SMS pieces/month
Price per SMS *
1 - 10 000
̶0̶,̶7̶0̶ ̶U̶A̶H̶ 0.68 UAH
10 001 - 50 000
̶0̶,̶6̶9̶ ̶U̶A̶H̶ 0.67 UAH
50 001 - 200 000
̶0̶,̶6̶8̶ ̶U̶A̶H̶ 0.66 UAH
200 001 - 500 000
̶0̶,̶6̶7̶ ̶U̶A̶H̶ 0.65 UAH
500 001 -1000 000
̶0̶,̶6̶6̶ ̶U̶A̶H̶ 0.64 UAH
From 1000 000
By agreement
More about SMS mailing
* SMS price for the period of martial law
IMPORTANT: Registration of the sender's name and filling out a questionnaire in your personal account is required
IMPORTANT: Commercial conditions for traffic over 1,000,000 messages are discussed individually
The price for messages with international alpha names is 4 UAH

Bonuses as a gift

Monthly fee


Registration of alpha name

0 UAH. We provide common names after registration.

10 test SMS

Available immediately after registration.

Additional features:
  • Campaign scheduler
  • Message templates
  • Link shortener
24/7 technical support

We are always happy to help with any issues — quickly and efficiently

Personal account manager

Ready to help you set up and launch SMS campaigns


How to send SMS?

  1. Sign up on the SMS Club website.
  2. Get a generic alpha name or confirm with your mobile carrier.
  3. Upload your contact database, prepare a text/message template, or fill in empty form fields.
  4. Click submit and expect the first results in a couple of hours.

Can I create multiple profiles to send SMS from different alpha names?

Yes, you can.

What to write in an SMS message to clients?

The text of the SMS mailing depends on the type: transactional, advertising, informational or trigger. Write briefly, formulate a profitable offer, insert a shortened link to the site.

Viber mailing cost

Number of SMS pieces/month
Cost of 1 message
9000 - 18 000
0.0222 EUR
18 001 - 200 000
0.0212 EUR
200 001 - 500 000
0.0210 EUR
500 001 +
By agreement
More about Viber mailings
One transactional message costs 0,01 EUR
The minimum cost of the Package is 200 EUR per month

Viber messaging opportunities for business

After registering for SMS Club, you will have access to all the functions for selling in Viber messages:
Send time manager
Verified account
Reports and analytics in your personal account
Feedback from customers
Cascading messages Viber + SMS
Setting the message lifetime


How to start a business newsletter in Viber?

  1. Go to the SMS Club website. Enter the data for registration and enter your personal account;
  2. Together with the manager, go through verification and decide on the alpha name;
  3. Download the client base and text for mailing. Click the Submit button.

How do I transfer to you from another service? What happens to the alpha name?

We will help you with the migration. The alpha name stays with you. You do not need to register it again.

Who will be the sender of business messages via Viber?

SMS Club uses the official Viber channel. To send newsletters, you must register your alpha name. Contact your personal manager for help.

Prices for creating Chat-bot


Standard package including:
  • Acquaintance with your business (list of services, prices for services/goods)
  • Creation and connection of Viber and Telegram channels
  • Analysis of the client’s target audience
  • Bot vision strategy (flowchart, business processes, bot building)
  • Copywriting of bot messages with selection of tone of voice
  • Connecting the operator to the dialogue with the client
  • Creating deep links to go to the chatbot
  • Creating a Mini Landing Page for a Chatbot
  • Sending media files, incl. records and videos
  • Quick data upload to Excel/Google Sheets
from 8 000 UAH
Test Chatbot


Enables the Light option, as well as:
  • Integration of e-mail notifications and messages in instant messengers
  • Entering the chatbot with a one-time password
  • Randomizer settings for promotions
  • Creating referral programs
  • Creating a QR code
  • Create a mini-widget for the site
  • Integration with channels and groups in Telegram, Bizon365, Getcourse
  • Personalization of your customer (segmentation, user filters)
  • Get feedback, collect feedback
from 16 000 UAH
Test Chatbot


Enables the Light and Opti options, as well as:
  • Pixel Facebook connection
  • Conducting surveys/tests elements of gamification
  • Connecting payment systems (WayforPay, Fondy, Paypal, Stripe, Cloud Payments, Yandex Checkout, ConcordPay, Liqpay)
  • Connecting recurrent subscriptions
  • Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika connection
  • Working with dynamic dates
  • Connect your own domain and hosting
  • Integration with over 2000 services via Zapier, and ApiXDrive (CRM, ERP, 1C, loyalty programs)
  • Booking checkerboard (booking a service)
  • Online store with shopping cart
from 24 000 UAH
Test Chatbot

Chatbot features for business

After registering for SMS Club, you will have access to all the functions for selling in Chat-bot:
In touch with clients 24/7
Warming up your audience
Effective sales
Order and pay in 2 clicks
Feedback from the client
Mass mailings


Can I change something in Chat-bot?

Yes, sure. The SMS Club team will quickly and free of charge make technical developments in accordance with your wishes after the development of a turnkey chat bot.

What are the possibilities of Chat-bot for business?

By ordering the creation of a chatbot, entrepreneurs will be able to:

  • be in touch with clients 24/7;
  • take orders in 2 clicks;
  • take a survey;
  • notify about promotions, discounts and sales;
  • congratulate on holidays;
  • record services;
  • accept payment for goods and more.

Optimize your store today with SMS Club chatbot!

Who will be the sender of automatic messages in Chat-bot?

The name of the chatbot copies the branded name of your business. Correspondence in messengers will be conducted from a bank / beauty salon / online store, etc. This way, customers will be more likely to find you by searching and start a conversation with a virtual assistant.