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Fast and easy service for sending SMS worldwide
24/7/365 support
Open API and integrations
Individual discounts
September 1, 2022
Get -20% on 3 cab rides! Your promo code is winter2067. Valid until 10/31/2022.
Good afternoon, Tatiana. Tomorrow at 12:00, we are waiting for you for an autumn manicure and fragrant coffee with our artist Anna. See you soon!
Thank you for choosing us. You have been credited with 150 bonuses. Hurry to spend them this month!
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About us in numbers
3 000 000 000 Messages sent
32 000+ Customers trust us
up to 10 seconds Message delivery
from 0,64 UAH Price per message
15 years Company in the market

SMS distribution with SMS Club

Quick API connection and integration with CRM and website
Stable operation when sending up to 3,000 SMS messages per second
Automatic birthday greetings
Delivered 12 456
Read 11 256
Ваш бренд Personal discount of -20% on any product in the store
Ваш бренд Personal discount of -20% on any product in the store
Free connection of several alpha names for one client.
Channels for fast and seamless delivery of messages to other countries.
Targeted mailing to selected base segments.
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Katya, are you ready for Halloween? There are 90+ items up to -60% off for the holiday sale 12:00
Coverage — about 158 countries and 1,000 mobile operators
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Why people work with us for years*

*Compiled from surveys of 100+ clients who have been with us for a long time

Low price

Free general alpha name after registration, connection without a subscription fee and 10 test SMS as a gift.

Simple web interface

95% of the time, customers figure it out on their own and send messages. But we are available 24/7 to help.

Wide coverage and API integrations

We connect automatic newsletter to 100+ programs and CRM systems.

Data security

Your data will be securely stored.

24/7/365 Support

We provide a personal manager. Technical support is in touch 24/7 in a messenger convenient for you.

Developed loyalty program

With large volumes, we do profitable discounts.

Work worldwide

We send SMS in over 158 countries.

Fast sending

It takes 5-10 minutes to prepare a mailing. And message delivery time is 3-11 seconds.

How partners use the SMS Club service to raise profits

September 1, 2022
Tatiana, get a -15% discount for the New Year for full body massage
Today at 18:00 we are waiting for you for a session with Victoria at 18 Victory Ave.
Your account received 2,000 UAH. Balance: 4,500 UAH
Congratulations on your VivaGirl registration. We give you a 15% discount on any service.
Victoria, Happy Birthday! As the birthday girl, you get a 45% discount on our services
Victoria, you've been with us for two years! During this day, you can use a 50% discount on all services
You have 500 bonus points in your account! Don't forget to spend them by the end of the year.
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How to do a mailing in SMS Club

6 simple steps to start a newsletter in the SMS Club
Sign up for SMS Club
Use the alpha name from the SMS Club or register your own
Refill the balance in your personal cabinet
Load a database of customer numbers
Prepare a text SMS or attach a ready-made template
Insert an abbreviated link and click "Submit"
Connect now

Cost of mailing

Number of messages (pc./month)
Cost per message*
1 - 10 000
0.70 грн0.68 грн
10 001 - 50 000
0.69 грн0.67 грн
50 001 - 200 000
0.68 грн0.66 грн
200 001 - 500 000
0.67 грн0.65 грн
500 000 -1000 000
0.66 грн0.64 грн
From 1000 000
Price negotiable
*Price of SMS for the period of martial law
Registration of the sender's name, filling out the form in your personal cabinet is mandatory
Commercial terms and conditions for traffic over 500,000 messages are negotiated individually
The price of messages with international alpha names is 4 UAH

Types of texting


Viber Notifications

Use bright and more informative messages

Promotional SMS

Increasing sales, product promotion, brand awareness

Transactional SMS

Timely informing about the order, payment, delivery, etc.


Resending SMS on non-delivery via Viber

Targeted SMS

Targeted advertising messages on a specially selected database

Personalized SMS

Address by name, individual offers, birthday greetings

International SMS

Sending SMS by clients in 158+ countries of the world


Maintaining the database of client numbers up to date

Automatic SMS

Schedule birthday greetings, reminders of important events, and more.

For integration

You can connect automatic newsletter to more than 100+ programs and CRM systems
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Nova Poshta
Nova Poshta
API X Drive
API X Drive
My Drop
My Drop
Beauty Pro
Beauty Pro
How we help businesses
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Leisure and sports

SMS mailing for a fitness club

How to get 330% ROI for 25%
Study and work

SMS Mailing of a recruiting agency

ROI 180% for $102 in recruiting from SMS
Financial services

SMS mailing of a microfinance organization

How to get 156 loan applications in a week
Study and work

SMS-mailing for the educational platform

ROI 290%, or how to sell a paid course in an SMS mailing list

SMS mailing of online insurance service

+25% insurance policy sales - ROI 136%

SMS mailing from SMS CLUB

How to “revive” subscribers for $250 and earn 15 times more!

SMS mailing of residential complex under construction

20 potential buyers of apartments for 1400 UAH
Leisure and sports

SMS mailing for a travel agency

How to sell last minute tours with 460% ROI via SMS

How we help businesses

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Сергей Карашевич
Сервис SMS Club наш первый инструмент для работы с СМС рассылками, который помог нам расширить базу клиентов. Ребята из техподдержки подсказали как работать с шаблонами и планировщиком для массовых рассылок. Так что сотрудничество оказалось выгодным.
Виталий Бурый
Быстро! Четко! Круто!
Ілля Качан
Відправлення смс було для мене пріоритетом. Але в мене не було для цього жодної програми. Тепер я роблю це за допомогою смс розсилок вашої компанії. Зазначу, що смс чудово підходять для тих, хто хоче просунути свої товари.
Ірина Павлова
Перед новим роком у нашому інтернет-магазині гостро постало питання про швидке інформування клієнтів. Пошта виявилася не варіантом — половина листів потрапляла до спаму, гугл реклама — задоволення дороге. А ось смс розсилки доступні та недорогі. Простота та лаконічність повідомлень сподобалася нашим клієнтам. Швидкі смс підняли продаж і ми вже встигли провести кілька рекламних акцій.
Sophie Highfield
The tech support guys are great. Responsive. The service is above average.
Ingrid Caven
I like that the program integrates with our CRM. We have added several features to service SMS templates and now all our clients receive unique messages. There is analytics and everything you need can be viewed in real time.
Łukasz Jabłoński
Zautomatyzowaliśmy wysyłanie SMS-ów z gorącymi wycieczkami i otrzymaliśmy przyzwoitą liczbę rezerwacji. Napisaliśmy tekst, załadowaliśmy bazę numerów i voila - wszyscy nasi klienci otrzymali wiadomość, otworzyli ją, ponad połowa skontaktowała się z nami w ciągu jednego dnia. Przepięknie!
Franciszek Jóźwiak
Wreszcie w moim sklepie internetowym nie ma problemów z dostarczaniem wiadomości. Moi klienci są teraz w 100% powiadamiani przeze mnie. To bardzo wygodne, że wszystkie statystyki mam przed oczami. A wystarczyło tylko połączyć się masowymi wysyłkami SMS firmy SMS Club.
Wojciech Matusiak
Serwis bardzo się podoba. Wsparcie jest przyjazne. Można pracować. Polecam!
Marta Mielczarek
Jestem zachwycona możliwościami wysyłek SMS. Podobały mi się wygodne szablony, szybkość wysyłania, raporty doręczenia. Od razu widać, że twórcy usługi SMSClub rozumieją, czego potrzebują przedsiębiorcy i w jakiej formie.


How do I do SMS mailing? 

  1. Sign up for SMS Club. 
  2. Get a common alpha name or confirm yours with your mobile operator. 
  3. Upload your contact database, prepare a text/template message or fill in the blank fields of the form. 
  4. Press send and wait for the first results in a couple of hours.

What is the price of SMS distribution in Ukraine? 

The cost of 1 SMS starts from 0.44 UAH. 

The more SMS you send, the lower will be the price per message. 

More information about prices in Ukraine, see here. 

What to write in a text message to customers? 

The text of SMS mailings depends on the type: transactional, advertising, informational, or triggering. Write briefly on the essence, formulate a profitable offer, and insert a shortened link to the site.

Make your first free mailing now

  • Register in 33 seconds
  • Attach list of numbers
  • Write text SMS
  • Insert short link
  • Send first 10 free SMS