Personalized SMS messaging

Personalized SMS is one of the shortcuts to increasing the sales and loyalty of any customer. Personalized messages are opened by users 2 times more actively than mass SMS messages and therefore sell better.
September 1, 2022
Get -20% off 3 taxi rides! Your promo code is winter2067. Valid until 31.10.2022.
Good afternoon, Tatyana. Tomorrow at 12:00 we are waiting for you for an autumn manicure and fragrant coffee with the master Anna. See you!
Thanks for choosing us. You have been credited with 150 bonuses. Hurry up to spend them this month!
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The main purposes of personalized SMS messaging

SMS opening rate is 20-50% higher than a mass mailing
The company's income growth due to the increase of sales by 20-30%
Return of customers due to reminders and bonuses
Pleasant associations with the brand and recommendation to other consumers

When to send personalized text messages

September 1, 2022
Victoria, Happy Birthday! Buy yourself a gift for 300 bonuses in our store!
Yuri, congratulations! You are 5 years with us! Get a -10% discount on all purchases!
Olga, we give you 300 bonuses for the purchase of 1,000 UAH!
Dmitry, as a regular customer, we have a promotional offer of 1 +1 = 3 for the entire set of pizzas! Order for yourself and friends!
Irina! There are 107 bonuses left on your balance. Have time to spend them till 31.12.22!
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How to send personalized SMS in SMS Club

Sign up for the SMS Club service.
Confirm a unique alpha name or send messages from one of several common alpha names.
Top up a balance on the service.
Go to the Birthdays section. Enter the list of numbers with the birthdates of owners and the client's name (if any).
Prepare a table in MS Excel, specifying in three columns the data listed in the previous paragraph about the sender.
Save the spreadsheet file in CSV format and return to the service, following the instructions on the screen below.


Business SMS

Fast and easy service to send SMS worldwide


Evolved SMS. Coming soon to SMS Club

Promotional SMS mailings

Increasing sales, product promotion, brand awareness

Transactional SMS mailings

Timely informing about the order, payment, delivery, etc.

Bulk SMS+Viber

Resending SMS if the message is not delivered via Viber

Targeted SMS mailings

Targeted advertising messages on a specially selected database

International SMS mailings

Sending SMS by clients in 158+ countries of the world

Number checks by HLR request

Maintaining the database of client numbers up to date

Automatic SMS

Schedule birthday greetings, reminders of important events, and more.

Other automated newsletters

In order to send more complex automated newsletters, you need to connect the SMS Club service to your CRM system or another database. This can be done using API integration. You can leave your contact, and a manager will advise you.

So you can set up a personalized newsletter:

  • For the birthday of the client, their children, spouse:
  • On the anniversary of knowing the company:
  • At the start of a personal loyalty program:
  • At the time promotional emails or notices are sent out:
  • The week before bonuses and discounts are burned out:

Important: For the mailing, your service (CRM) must have the necessary information for the mailing, such as the date of registration, information about the loyalty program, etc.

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