Targeted SMS messaging

Targeted messages are short and targeted promotional messages to a specially selected base. Such a mailing is used to attract new customers.
September 1, 2022
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Benefit from "your customers" – contact only the right people

Segmenting the audience with targeting increases the effectiveness of the mailing and sales. To do this, it’s enough to organize contacts into interest groups and send them offers with a product that will be of interest to them. 

To make the mailing successful, companies invest part of the marketing budget in SMS messages based on geolocation, interests, and other parameters. The parameters allow you to send an advertising message to new customers who will be interested in your product and make a purchase.

Targeted texting allows you to:

Increase sales through a personalized offer
Minimize advertising costs
Highlight potential customers who are likely to read the message and make a purchase
Expand your base and make follow-up sales

Targeting parameters for SMS distribution

SMS Club service configures this type of messaging using the basic parameters for targeting. Let's take a closer look at them.

Determine the primary territory for the mailing list by filtering out promotional offers for other areas.
Highlight the messages that will be needed for residents of smaller cities. For example, sending out local cab services or promotional offers from the most popular supermarket.
Send news about store openings to a narrower audience that is interested in a particular brand or product.
Start sending SMS messages from gas stations and service stations to car owners.
Make a newsletter to customers who have already visited fitness centers before, bought sports goods.
Target women visiting relevant stores, beauty clinics, etc.
Send last-minute tours to travel lovers, promotional offers to movie fans, invitations to a new dance studio to dancers, and more.

How to determine the audience for a text message targeting

By ordering a newsletter in the SMS Club service, you will create an influx of new customers!
Announce that you are open!
Announce the opening of a store, fitness center, or branch of a brand in a particular city.
Attract new clients
Attract new customers who are likely to be interested in your product.

Detail the following points:

To maximize the attraction of new consumers and increase sales figures, you need to analyze your target audience. To do this, you need to draw up parameters that are relevant to your customer.

country and city of residence
hobbies and interests

By defining the image of the buyer, you will identify the active audience and compose a suitable text for the newsletter! 

To analyze your existing base of loyal customers, use the 3 approaches that we describe in detail in our article.  

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Promotional SMS mailings

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Launch targeted SMS together with SMS Club

Our company has been helping brands with targeting for more than 12 years. By ordering this type of SMS messaging in our service, you will get the following advantages:
Guaranteed delivery
Mobile messages have the highest opening rate of 98%.
Maximum coverage
Such text messages come even to button phones.
Personal manager
We communicate in a messenger that is convenient for you.
Flexible pricing policy
Our company provides discounts for large volumes of newsletters and picks up the best options.
Order targeted messaging from SMS Club to increase your income through new customers and their purchases!