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September 1, 2022
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About us in numbers
3 000 000 000 Messages sent
32 000+ Customers trust us
up to 10 seconds Message delivery
from 0,64 UAH Price per message
15 years Company in the market

SMS Club sms messaging service

SMS messaging

Suitable for any business
Send segmented newsletters: by region and area of interest.
Inform users, increase customer loyalty, increase sales.Suitable for any business.
First 10 SMS are free
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Viber messaging

Suitable for any business
Let regular and potential customers know about upcoming promotions, events, and discounts
Send newsletters with photos, text, and a button
Make sales, inform about new products, remind about services
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Chatbot for business

Suitable for any business
We develop a chatbot for you on the builder or in code
The bot actively communicates with the client: answering questions, helping to make purchases, and making sales to your audience
Before development, we consult and select the most effective bot for your business
Don't know what to choose or don't have time to figure it out?

Request a consultation. Our manager will find the right tool for your business and help you understand

Automation of your business using SMS mailings from SMS Club

Increase profits through business automation. Transfer routine processes to SMS Club software tools. Automate your work through our SMS API and VIBER API.

Easy Integration

Ready modules for integration with CRM, CMS, ecommerce platforms

Easy connection

Uses HTTP-POST method with JSON format. Data are UTF-8 encoded

Cascading mailings

Possibility to send bulk SMS notifications by Viber in case of non-delivery

Triggered mailings

Messages are sent automatically after some action on website or lead card

Message personalization

System will automatically fill in the name or other personal information from your database or CRM

Newsletter Scheduler

Scheduling the date and time to send messages or automatically congratulate customers on their birthdays


You can connect automatic mailing to more than 100+ programs and CRM systems
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Nova Poshta
Nova Poshta
API X Drive
API X Drive
My Drop
My Drop
Beauty Pro
Beauty Pro

Why people have been working with us for years

Compiled from surveys of 100+ clients who have been with us for a long time

Low price

Free common alpha name after registration, connection without a monthly fee and 10 test SMS as a gift

Simple web interface

95% of the time, customers figure it out on their own and send messages. But we are available 24/7 to help.

Wide coverage and API integration

We connect automatic newsletters to 100+ programs and CRM systems.

Data security

Your data will be securely stored.

24/7/365 support

We provide a personal manager. Technical support is really in touch 24/7 in a messenger convenient for you.

Developed loyalty program

We make favorable discounts for large volumes.

Work around the world

We send SMS to over 158 countries.

Fast sending

It takes 5-10 minutes to prepare a newsletter. And message delivery time is 3-11 seconds.
How we help businesses
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Leisure and sports

SMS mailing for a fitness club

How to get 330% ROI for 25%
Study and work

SMS Mailing of a recruiting agency

ROI 180% for $102 in recruiting from SMS
Financial services

SMS mailing of a microfinance organization

How to get 156 loan applications in a week
Trading networks

Viber mailing list for children's store

ROI 150% and +20% sales
Trading networks

Viber mailing list of a furniture hypermarket

Profit +15% per month
Study and work

SMS-mailing for the educational platform

ROI 290%, or how to sell a paid course in an SMS mailing list
Trading networks

Viber mailing list for a building materials store

How to get a ROI of 469% by spending about $150 on mailing lists

SMS mailing of online insurance service

+25% insurance policy sales - ROI 136%

SMS mailing from SMS CLUB

How to “revive” subscribers for $250 and earn 15 times more!
Leisure and sports

Viber mailing list for a restaurant

How a restaurant increased seating by 25% from one mailing
Trading networks

Brand outlet Viber mailing list

ROI 125% and +17% sales

Viber mailing list for public utilities

Return of 30% of client debt after the first mailing

SMS mailing of residential complex under construction

20 potential buyers of apartments for 1400 UAH
Leisure and sports

SMS mailing for a travel agency

How to sell last minute tours with 460% ROI via SMS
Company Birthday
We launched the first SMS distribution in Ukraine
International SMS distribution
We set up international SMS
We launched our new service in Viber
Voice mailings
Created a robot for automatic voice calls to customer base
We made the first chatbot and began accepting orders to develop chatbots in Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook


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Oleg Yaroshchuk
Excellent and inexpensive service! The most reasonable prices for Viber mailing.
Vladimir Kunitsyn
We have been working with SMS CLUB for the second year already. Everything is clear, fast and hassle-free. The manager will always be prompted if you have any questions.
Vadim Dorosh
We regularly send both advertising and service messages. We don't even see any point in looking for a cheaper service for viber mailing. Prices are like everyone else's, but the quality of service is much higher. There is something to compare.
Maria Panchenko
At first I connected for SMS mailing, but after a couple of months I completely switched to the SMS club. Sends Viber messages fast and without problems.
Lydia Semeriv
Simple personal account. Everything is simple and straightforward. Viber mailings are sent quickly. There is nothing complicated.


Address Kiev, Stepan Bandera Ave., 21, office 603

SMS and viber mailing service: simple, cheap, effective!

Sms mailing is an indispensable tool for any business. Inform about the arrival of new products, inform about promotions and discounts, congratulate you on the holidays, invite you to visit the new hall. All this does not require significant financial and physical resources, and the result will be an increase in the loyalty of old customers and the emergence of new ones.

What are the benefits of bulk SMS?

Mass SMS mailing to the database is:

  • prompt delivery of any information to an existing or potential client;
  • 100% coverage of the target audience;
  • ongoing customer support;
  • increase in sales and attendance after the first sent sms;
  • simplicity and ease of setup;
  • cheap communication channel.

With SMS service SMS Club, you can evaluate the availability of this marketing tool today, and tomorrow you will receive new responses!

How to set up SMS mailing?

Creating a bulk sms requires a minimum of effort and time. The whole process consists of several stages:

  1. Регистрация на сайте и получение доступа к панели управления;
  2. Registration on the site and gaining access to the control panel;
  3. Creating a text message and checking it for correct display on a mobile device;
  4. Sending a campaign (instant or delayed);
  5. Progress control;
  6. Statistics analysis.

Our SMS service offers an intuitive interface, a personal manager and transparent conditions. Convenience and efficiency can be assessed from the first minutes of cooperation!