Integration of SMS Club with CRM SalesDrive

SalesDrive – Ukrainian CRM for online stores. Ready integration with websites and marketplaces (OpenCart, WordPress, Horoshop, Prom, Rozetka, Allo and others), Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta, Justin! Integration with telephony, SMS, email, bank statements and acquiring systems, cash registers. Accounting for warehouse balances, invoices, expenses.

Options for integrating SMS Club with CRM SalesDrive

The integration of SMS Club from SalesDrive covers all the needs for automating SMS informing customers:

1. Single SMS from an application card or a contact card.

2. Mass SMS. Filter your order according to the criteria you need (order status, creation date, etc.) and send an SMS according to the desired template.

3. SMS templates with replacement of order fields, for example: name, order number, TTN number, delivery address.

4. Automatically send SMS when a new order is received or when the status of an order changes. Confirmation of receipt of the order, notification of the client about the status of processing and sending the order.

5. Work across multiple senders SMS. Set up automatic SMS transmission so that SMS from different senders are sent to orders from different online stores.

6. SMS in the history of communications. In the card and application or contact – you will see all sent SMS.

7. Configure access to send SMS. Select the SalesDrive CRM users who have access to bulk emails that are only for one SMS sending, and which users should not send SMS at all.

Connecting the integration of SMS Club with CRM SalesDrive

Integration of Sms Club with CRM SalesDrive is free and will take a couple of minutes.

To connect the integration, go to the SalesDrive account:

1. Setup → General settings and integration → SMS → SMS Club and follow the instructions.

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