Creating Customized Chat Bots

for your business
With us you can order a ready-to-use chat-bot in Viber, Instagram, Telegram for any business needs
Automate communication in messengers with clients
Increase sales and order processing speed
Ensure autonomous operation of the company 24 / 7 / 365 days per year
September 1, 2022
Get -20% on 3 taxi fares! Your promo code is winter2067. Valid until 31.10.2022.
Good afternoon, Tatiana. Tomorrow at 12:00 a.m. we'll wait for your autumn manicure and fragrant coffee with the master Anna. See you soon!
Thank you for choosing us. You've been awarded 150 bonuses. Hurry up and spend them this month!
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Why do businesses need to create chatbots?

September 1, 2022
Good afternoon, how much does delivery cost in Kyiv?
Delivery across all Ukraine is free.
My name is Marina, I am the manager of Viva Girl. If you pay for the order within 24 hours, you will receive a 10% discount. Tell me, do you need advice regarding products or services?
Hello! You are in the Viva Girl channel. We have been working since 2020 throughout Ukraine. What services or products are you interested in?
(cosmetics) (hygiene items) (beauty salon)
Super! Our beauty salon provides the following services:...
Here are reviews of our beauty salon:
@elenavibes: super salon, I recommend it to everyone, I've been with them for a year now!
@olgaK: Katya is the best master she ever knew. Now I only go to her!
You can see all the reviews on our instagram - @VivaGirl
By Black Friday: get a year of visiting the Viva Girl salon with all services at a 50% discount Follow the link to find out the details. (More)
Tatyana, your link to pay for annual access (pay)
Tatyana, you have obtained an annual access to Viva Girl's beauty and self-care training materials. Now you will receive 3 lessons every week that will make you irresistible at any age!
Tatyana, do you have a minute? We are working on improving our product and it would be very valuable for us to ask you, as our best client, a couple of questions (yes) (no)
Tell me what service do you use?
(products) (beauty salon)
How much, from 1 to 10, do you like the service in the salon?
Tatyana, Happy New Year! You are our favorite client who appreciates our beauty salon for its service and choice of treatments. In honor of the New Year, we give you a 20% discount on trips to the beauty salon! Details - follow the link (New Year's promotion)
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Functionality of chatbots in social networks

What can a bot do
Payment for goods inside the messenger through connected payment systems + + + There are also recurring payments + +
Integration with CRM to automatically save customer data in the system + + + + +
Segmentation of the customer base by behavior by analyzing clicks and sources of entry + + + + +
Mass mailings to audience segments after an interaction, such as clicking on a link or a code word + + from 10,000 mailings + + paid + campaigns are possible within 24 hours after a user interacts with a chatbot, or when using specific allowed tags
24/7 support 365 days a year + + + + +
Sales funnels + + + + +
Getting a client into the chatbot After like, story, follow, comment, codeword By a link, a widget, a QR code, a mini-landing page, a search in a messenger. By a link, a widget, a QR code, a mini-landing page, a search in a messenger. By a link, a widget, a QR code, a mini-landing page, a search in a messenger. By code word, link, widget, QR code, mini-landing.
Improving the efficiency of communication in direct through automatic questions and answers + + + + - to start a dialog, the subscriber has to write to the chatbot first
Registration for the service + + + + +
Getting subscribers from advertising that contains a call to write a message / comment or enter a code word + + + + +
Creation of quizzes / tests for attraction with the result of the answer, for example, selection of goods according to criteria + + + + +
Clicking the "Subscribe" button to enter the messenger - + + - +
Automenu or pinned message in the form of 3 buttons, which are the most important by default + + + + +
Collection of numbers and mails when entering the bot through a mini-landing or after entering them by the client + + + + +
Connecting hosting and analytics - + + + -
Dynamic date for promotions, discounts, broadcasts + + + + -
Dynamic upload to Google spreadsheets, email and transfer to the telegram channel, for example, with managers for processing + + + + +
Don't know which messenger to choose?

Leave a contact and our expert in chatbots will advise you for free

Which businesses are applying for the creation of a turnkey chat bot

Other businesses

Companies that strive to quickly sell products and attract more customers

Leave a request and our bot specialist will advise you

Why work with us for years

Collected based on surveys of 100+ clients who have been working with us for a long time.

Low price

Free common alpha name after registration, connection without a monthly fee and 10 test SMS as a gift.

Simple interface

In 95% of cases, clients independently understand and send messages. But we are 24/7 ready to help.

Broad coverage and API integrations

We connect automatic mailing to 100+ programs and CRM systems.

Data security

Your data will be securely stored.

Support 24 / 7 / 365

We provide a personal manager. Technical support is really in touch 24/7 in a messenger convenient for you.

Developed loyalty program

We offer attractive discounts for large volumes.

Work around the world

We send SMS to more than 158 countries.

Fast sending

Preparation of mailing takes 5-10 minutes. And the message delivery time is 3-11 seconds.

Step by step development of chatbots for business in SMS Club

4 easy steps to create a chatbot in SMS Club

Leave contact details in 3 minutes
Discuss effective ideas with the manager
Agree on the list of functions for the bot
Получите готовый чат-бот – от 10 дней с момента заказа.

Prices for creating a chatbot

Prices are frozen at the pre-war dollar rate


  • Acquaintance with your business
  • Creation and connection of Viber and Telegram channels
  • Target audience analysis
  • Bot vision strategy (flowchart, business processes)
  • Copywriting of bot messages with a brand voice matching
  • Connecting the operator to the dialogue with the client
  • Creating deep links to go to the chatbot
  • Creating a Mini Landing Page for a Chatbot
  • Sending media files, incl. audio, and video
  • Data upload to Excel/Google Sheets
from 8 000 uah
Order a chatbot


The Light option, as well as
  • Integration of e-mail notifications and messages in messengers
  • Login to the chatbot with a one-time password
  • Setting up a randomizer for promotions
  • Creation of referral programs
  • Creating a QR Code
  • Creating a mini-widget for the site
  • Integration with channels and groups in Telegram, Bizon365, Getcourse
  • Personalization of your client (segmentation, user filters)
  • Getting feedback, collecting feedback
from 16 000 uah
Order a chatbot


The Light and Opti options, as well as
  • Connecting Facebook Pixel
  • Conducting surveys/tests elements of gamification
  • Connection of payment systems (WayforPay, Paypal, Stripe, Cloud Payments, ConcordPay, Liqpay)
  • Connecting recurrent subscriptions
  • Connecting Google Analytics
  • Working with dynamic dates
  • Connecting your own domain and hosting
  • Integration with over 2000 services via Zapier, and ApiXDrive. (CRM, ERP, loyalty programs)
  • Checkerboard booking (booking for the service)
  • Online store with shopping cart
from 24 000 uah
Order a chatbot
How we help businesses
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Leisure and sports

SMS mailing for a fitness club

How to get 330% ROI for 25%
Study and work

SMS Mailing of a recruiting agency

ROI 180% for $102 in recruiting from SMS
Financial services

SMS mailing of a microfinance organization

How to get 156 loan applications in a week
Trading networks

Viber mailing list for children's store

ROI 150% and +20% sales
Trading networks

Viber mailing list of a furniture hypermarket

Profit +15% per month
Study and work

SMS-mailing for the educational platform

ROI 290%, or how to sell a paid course in an SMS mailing list
Trading networks

Viber mailing list for a building materials store

How to get a ROI of 469% by spending about $150 on mailing lists

SMS mailing of online insurance service

+25% insurance policy sales - ROI 136%

SMS mailing from SMS CLUB

How to “revive” subscribers for $250 and earn 15 times more!
Leisure and sports

Viber mailing list for a restaurant

How a restaurant increased seating by 25% from one mailing
Trading networks

Brand outlet Viber mailing list

ROI 125% and +17% sales

Viber mailing list for public utilities

Return of 30% of client debt after the first mailing

SMS mailing of residential complex under construction

20 potential buyers of apartments for 1400 UAH
Leisure and sports

SMS mailing for a travel agency

How to sell last minute tours with 460% ROI via SMS
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Ольга Райзер
I recommend SMS Club at least for the fact that they are constantly evolving. A few years ago, I ordered SMS newsletters, then bought Viber newsletters from them, and now I ordered a chatbot. All this is necessary for my business and it's good that I don't have to look for other developers. When you work with a company for more than a year, they start to understand you from the word go.
Олеся Васичева
Six months ago, we ordered Telegram chatbot for our language courses from you. We are very pleased that we have relieved our managers. Now they are not distracted by general questions. Thank you!
Валерий Чупин
If you want to get a useful chatbot that will bring you profit, you should contact us only here.
Наталья Болотина
Your bot brought us new clients, which we had a hard time getting because of the company's mode of operation. And people communicate with the bot when it suits them, in the evening, at night, and on weekends, and it is always ready to tell us about us. This is very convenient for both us and our clients.
Владимир Шейнин
The guys from SMS Club took the development of the chatbot very seriously. We talked and discussed our target audience, the voice of the brand, and many subtleties of our business. The presentation of the bot was a pleasure. Now we're launching it and waiting for quick results!
Денис Ульченко
It's a great bot. The developers have made the program specifically for my business.
Peter Bart
We have been using the SMS CLUB bot for a long time. For us, it was new, but as it turned out, there is nothing complicated about it. Convenient and understandable to our customers.
Sarah Koch
The chatbot is fast and can respond to dozens of customer chats at the same time. This is something you never get with human managers.
Molly Wilson
The level of customer support of the SMS Club team is excellent. Both during development and after setting up our chatbot, the guys are friendly, quickly answer questions, and help. I think if we ever have a problem with our chatbot in the future, they will be more than willing to step in and offer to help us.
Scott Hill
When we ordered a chatbot in the SMS club, we did not even imagine what kind of assistance we would get. Now it is clear why the script was written very carefully. Special thanks for connecting payment systems.


How to order the creation of a chatbot?

Enter your contact details by clicking on the “Order” button. Expect a call from our manager for a free consultation on chatbots.

We will listen to you and help you formulate specific tasks for developers!

Can I change something in it?

Yes, sure. The SMS Club team will quickly and free of charge make technical improvements in accordance with your wishes after the development of the chatbot by key.

Who will be the sender of automatic messages in the chatbot?

The name of the chatbot copies the branded name of your business. Correspondence in messengers will be conducted from a bank / beauty salon / online store, etc. So customers will quickly find you by searching and start a conversation with a virtual assistant.

What are the possibilities of chatbots for business?

By ordering the creation of a chatbot, entrepreneurs will be able to:

  • be in touch with clients 24/7;
  • take orders in 2 clicks;
  • to conduct surveys;
  • notify about promotions, discounts and sales;
  • congratulate on holidays;
  • sign up for services;
  • accept payment for goods and more.

Optimize your store today with SMS Club chatbot!

Will I be able to send mailings through the chatbot to the customer base?

Yes, sure. You can notify customers about promotions and sales, remind them about signing up for a service or an unfinished purchase.

Which is better — a bot built with a constructor or coded?

It depends on the tasks it needs to perform. Bots that are coded are usually for complex programs with unique functions that do not change often, as programmer revisions can be expensive. We offer services for developing chatbots of any complexity and can provide support if needed. However, most clients choose the constructor option because it allows for quick updates, information refreshes, and script changes without programming experience.

How much does it cost to develop a chatbot with a constructor? Are there any discounts?

At SMS Club, you can order a chatbot for 8,000 UAH. If you represent a non-profit organization, contact us for a special price.

Order the development of a chatbot for business right now

  • Leave contact details in 3 minutes
  • Talk ideas with a manager
  • Agree with us the list of functions for the bot
  • Get a ready-made chatbot – from 10 days from the date of order.

Increase sales in your niche with a virtual and feature rich assistant!

September 1, 2022
Tatiana, get a -15% discount before the New Year for a full body massage
International shipment SA12234 at office 03100 in Kyiv, 60 Pobedy Ave.
-3000.00 UAH Zniattia hotivky, Kartka 5355***4487.Balans:1031.89 UAH
Your login password: 223ytubrg3#. Do not share personal data with third parties!
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