Integration with OneBox production

OneBox is a web designer for creating various network solutions. OneBox production – setting up and finalizing a functional platform for a specific business (B2B, B2C, e-commerce). Optimizing the current settings of the OneBox software package according to business needs allows you to solve any business problems as efficiently as possible.

Advantages of integrating OneBox production with SMS Club

The SMS mailing service for business, integrated into the OneBox platform, allows you to actively communicate with customers (inform users about company events).

By connecting SMS and viber mailings, you get the following functionality:

  • automatic SMS sending
  • message personalization
  • linking SMS to clients and events
  • history of sending SMS with the ability to view in the context of the client / event
  • sending promotional mailings

The price of SMS mailing is according to the tariffs of the SMS Club service.

Details about OneBox