Integration with MyDrop

MyDrop is a CRM for dropshipping, developed taking into account the peculiarities of the work of trading platforms, suppliers and delivery services from Ukraine. The system allows you to track parcels, generate and print TTN, keep inventory records, control profits and expenses. The SMS messaging feature automates the routine work of a dropshipper to inform their customers.

Advantages of integration with SMS-Club

Integration of MoiDrop with the SMS-Club automated mailing service saves time and minimizes the risk of errors. Unlike a person, the system will not “forget” to send a notification with the invoice number and will not “mix up” orders.

The function of sending messages is available to all MyDrop counterparties, regardless of the type of subscription. SMS-Club provides a partner discount for mailings to MyDrop customers. In your account settings, you can choose when to send SMS and with what information. Ready-made text templates are available to choose from and the ability to create your own newsletters.

Funds for paying for SMS are debited from the client’s personal balance. You can make adjustments to the mailings at any time. To start sending, you need to register in the SMS-Club service. For new customers, the service immediately gives the amount to send 10 messages.

Algorithm for connecting to SMS-Club

1. Register in the SMS-Club system.

2. In the profile settings, select the token for SMS mailings, and copy the characters.

3. Paste the copied data into the Token for SMS mailings line in the MyDrop account. The balance on SMS-Club will be updated immediately.

For additional identification, you can create an Alpha name. This is the unique name of the store, which is documented. The alpha name ensures that clients do not ignore the message. If the company does not have a legally registered brand, leave the field blank. SMS-Club will automatically assign you an abstract name for identification.

SMS-Club allows you to choose in which cases to send a message to the client:

  • immediately after adding the TTN number
  • after the actual shipment
  • upon arrival at the branch
  • 3 days after arrival

Choose message templates or create your own. Users with MyDrop Premium subscription have a setting – specify several templates for SMS mailings. For the Russian language, the maximum number of characters is 70, to send longer messages, use the Latin alphabet.

Details about MyDrop