Integration with ABillS

Advanced Billing Solutions (ABillS) — software for providers. The billing system is designed to account for and bill for access services provided by Dialup, VPN, Hotspot, VoIP, IPTV operators.

ABillS is a universal system that, due to its versatility, provides a unified management of consumers and services.

Advantages of integration with the SMS Club service

Thanks to the integration of the SMS messaging service into the ABillS convergent billing system, customers receive prompt information about any changes in the communications market. The introduction of mass mailings makes it possible to fully cover the target audience, avoid duplication and work effectively with each user.

Integration of the SMS Club service with the ABillS system allows:

  • automate the process of sending messages;
  • create templates for any event;
  • keep a complete record of sent messages;
  • send personalized messages;
  • schedule the time and date for sending notifications.


How to connect SMS mailings?

Details about ABillS