Integration with KeepinCRM

KeepinCRM is a clear and reliable business management software focused on sales. Optimizes work on transactions with counterparties, customers and inventory control between the warehouses of the main office and branches. Ideal for small and medium businesses. Integration of KeepinCRM with useful services allows you to automate all business processes of the company as much as possible.


Integration of SMS mailing service with KeepinCRM

Interaction with customers is a serious component of trading. Connecting the SMS Club SMS service to KeepinCRM ensures prompt communication with customers, thanks to which customer loyalty grows and sales increase.


Integration of SMS mailings with the KeepinCRM system:

  • automatic mailings;
  • fast, economical and reliable messaging;
  • planning the date and time of distribution;
  • analytics of dispatch/delivery results;
  • mass mailings and personalized messages;
  • ready-made templates for text messages;
  • use of alpha name in SMS.


Simple integration and setup of the SMS Club service from the first days of use will become a profitable means of communication with your customers.


How to connect to Keepincrm