MobilAuto is a program that satisfies the interests of all business participants

The software package for taxi operation is a proven tool that significantly increases productivity, and also allows you to optimize business processes, reduce the cost of operating the company, and also connect SMS-mailings for new and already regular customers.


The main advantages of the MobilAuto multiprogram

1. Possibility to try the free version.

2. The ability to make individual additions and adjustments.

3. Convenient and functional interface.

4. Affordable cost.

5. Advice and assistance in opening a taxi.


The MobilAuto service fully satisfies the interests of all participants in the taxi business at once:

  • the owner of the fleet, who monitors the performance of drivers;
  • dispatchers involved in the coordination of queues and the distribution of orders and customer identification;
  • drivers who work with GPS taximeters, filter orders by certain characteristics, want to display order points;
  • customers to receive order history, data on the supply of cars, payment in various ways;
  • using the mass mailing service.

You can choose from 4 tariff versions of MobilAuto, where among the common points you can highlight the attraction of cloud IT-telephony, 24/7 technical support, a mobile application for drivers, and among the different ones – the number of taxi drivers in the state and a mobile application for passengers. We emphasize that SMS-informing customers has a positive effect on the overall rating of the transport service and increases their attachment to the company. SMS service can work both on the service and on promotional messages.


Details about MobilAuto