Integration with Slotegrator

Slotegrator is an aggregator for creating your own game project. The platform is voluminous, versatile and multifunctional. Slotegrator is successfully used as a basis for online casinos and slot machines, virtual sports, digital currency betting and other gambling games. Thanks to the flexibility of the software, the owner of the gaming site can integrate any amount of gaming content, services for payments and automatic mailings to his customers.


Connecting the SMS Club service to Slotegrator

The configuration of Slotegrator with a mailing service increases player loyalty and brand awareness. Instant messaging is useful and accessible to customers. With the help of notifications, casino users receive up-to-date information about any events in the online institution.


Advantages of mailing service integration:

  • creating message blanks of any type;
  • automatic sending at the scheduled time and date;
  • use of alpha-name in message texts;
  • sending notifications via API;
  • message personalization;

The mailing service is connected in a couple of minutes, configured individually. SMS Club technical support is available 24/7. All reports, statistics and analytics in a convenient personal account.

Integrate, customize and earn more with the help of mailing lists.


Slotegrator – platform for creating a turnkey solution for the gaming business (casino)

Setting up the platform itself to send SMS from it

1. We go to the admin panel of our platform itself
2. Go to the message section
2.1 Settings
2.2 Mailing service settings

After the transition, click the Add button

1. Choose our service SmsClub
2. Make the switch active
3. Private messages, System messages and Bulk mail – optional
4. We take the api key in the personal account of SMSClub – in the profile section
5. We enter the Alpha Name that is available to us
6. Click save

This is what it will look like after successfully adding our aggregator as a mailing list

Now the process of sending a test message to make sure that the integration was successful.

Go to users – players, click on against any player Envelope

1. Choose a communication channel – SMS
2. Mailer, select SmsClub
3. We enter the AI from which we will send
4. Newsletter name (optional)
5. The text itself for test sending
6. Click the send button

Test submitted successfully

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