SoftLogic is a multifunctional taxi software

If you have a taxi service, or you just want to start such a company, then you should pay attention to SoftLogic. This program fully automates the work of fleets and dispatch services, allows a person in different regions to place orders in two clicks in the program, and you have an easy number for calls and SMS informing customers. Today this complex is one of the best on the market.


7 Benefits of SoftLogic Service

1. Simplicity of the interface for all users.

2. Training and 24/7 support.

3. Availability of a free trial period.

4. Experience in integration into various taxi companies.

5. Wide functionality: from multi-city to automatic SMS and voice notifications.

6. The ability to receive payment through various payment services and attract a loyalty program.

7. Soft queuing system and the ability to form different sectors on the map.

It is convenient when a comprehensive service satisfies the interests of everyone in the business chain: a taxi driver who quickly receives complete information about the order; a client who sees the rate and time of arrival of the car; the owner of a taxi company that monitors the work processes, the positions of all drivers and profits..

Plus, SoftLogic sends SMS reminders to customers, for example, that a car will be presented tomorrow at a certain time, and also allows you to send SMS mailings, for example, about starting work in one of the cities.


Details about SoftLogic