Integration with YAMPOS

YAMPOS is a functional program for the beauty industry. A convenient system allows you to keep a record of visitors, manage staff and actively interact with customers. Also, with the help of the program, they calculate wages, take into account the company’s income and expenses, carry out warehouse accounting of any complexity and carry out settlement operations, which contributes to compliance with all norms of the law without buying a cash register or fiscal registrar.


Connecting the SMS mailing service with YAMPOS

YAMPOS easily integrates with useful services that simplify the work of beauty salons, massage parlors, tattoo parlors and other beauty businesses. The integrated SMS messaging service allows you to quickly interact with customers: remind about visits, inform about new services, inform about changes in the work schedule, talk about promotions and discounts. Prompt notification of beauty industry customers increases sales by increasing customer loyalty, attracting new visitors and returning old ones.


The main advantages of the integrated SMS service SMS Club:

  • simple clear interface;
  • message templates;
  • scheduling the date and time of sending messages;
  • automatic sending;
  • using an alpha name.

Integration of the SMS mailing service with YAMPOS is characterized by maximum coverage of the target audience, 100% message delivery and high conversion.


After registration, we get to yampos


Next, click on the integration section and select SMS CLUB

After the transition, click the connect button

1. We enter our Alpha name from the SMS-club account
2. We also take the token from the cabinet
3. Click save and that’s it.

Details about YAMPOS