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September 1, 2022
Tatiana, get a -15% discount before the New Year on full body massage
International shipment SA12234 to the office 03100 in Kyiv, 60 Peremohy Ave.
-3000.00 UAH Zniattia hotivky, Kartka 5355***4487.Balans:1031.89 UAH
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Top 9 Viber promotional messaging options

We will teach you how to set up automatic sending of promotional and transactional messages to Viber in order to make your work with the personal account of the service as easy as possible.

Your brand Personal discount of -20% on any product in the store...
September 1, 2022
2 3 "Katya, are you ready for Halloween? There are 90+ items up to -60% off for the holiday sale."
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Tatiana, get a -15% discount before the New Year on full body massage
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"Katya, are you ready for Halloween? There are 90+ items up to -60% off for the holiday sale." sto.re/UCJ6Pq_rvh
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Until 19:00, store WowLady, 60 Peremohy Ave. We are waiting for you!

Why 90% of companies use Viber advertising newsletter

20,000,000 sent
Large audience
Each month Viber records more than 820 million active users. In 2022, the total audience of the messenger exceeded 1 billion, and in Ukraine – more than 20 million.
89% of messages viewed
Effective channel
The message delivery rate is 97% – almost every message has successfully reached its sender. The number of messages viewed reaches 89% – so brands actively use this channel of communication with customers.
2,848,000 went to the site
Active audience
Viber has about 7 million interactions per second and more than 70 million per hour. One of these may be clicking on a link in a sent business ad.
284,000 have made a purchase
Quick conversions and purchases
One in four users clicks on product ads in a message getting to the site.
Up to 20% of the audience is ready to buy
Companies can sell to up to 20% of the audience they send out to.
Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux
Different Systems
Various systems and devices support Viber: Android or iOS smartphone, Windows laptop, Mac or Linux. The messaging service does not require a SIM card, so you can reach almost anyone, unlike Google ads and social networks.
How to make Viber newsletters effective
The potential of Viber messages is 248,000 sales across all audiences. But it's inefficient to send messages to all people with Viber, because it's better to send them to those who are interested in the product and will fit in. For this purpose, there is Targeting mailing

Targeting parameters in a Viber advertising newsletter

What is a targeting mailing?

Sending an advertising message to a dedicated base. This mailing is used to get customers in a more budget-friendly way than advertising on Facebook or Google.

According to Viber, 16% of users click "Buy," and 32% share these products with their friends. But the effectiveness of any message depends directly on correctly targeting your audience. To save your advertising budget on sending messages to everyone and increase the percentage of clicks to action, use targeting.

The parameters for selecting a target audience (targeting) include:

Thus an auto parts store in Kyiv can make an advertising newsletter in Viber according to the audience:

city, region, country.
what the person is interested in, what companies he/she follows.
The topic
of the products the person makes.
Auto parts

Such a mailing will be more effective than a mailing to the entire audience.

Types of Viber mailings
Automated Viber messaging
Effective mass mailings of Viber messages
Bulk SMS+Viber
Sending an SMS if the message is not delivered via Viber
Transactional SMS
Messages in Viber about the dispatch or delivery of parcels, the status of the operation, etc
Viber 2 Way
Communication with feedback from the client

Viber messaging: advertising in text and checklist with examples

The target audience, the right text and timing are a great basis for starting a Viber advertising campaign. To write a competent and engaging "word of mouth" for a newsletter, use the following checklist:
September 1, 2022
1 "Katya, we have great news for you...!"
2 "Katya, are you ready for Halloween? There are 90+ items up to -60% off for the holiday sale.”
3 We at (company name) are having a promotional weekend before Halloween. Come see us on 10/29-30 or order items from the fall collection at maximum discounted prices online. Hurry, because there will be pumpkins instead of discounts on Monday!
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Viber promotional newsletters should attract the client in the first second of reading because the first part of the message is briefly visible in the notification window. The main task is to get the client interested in reading the whole message and clicking on the link/button in the message.

Set up a Viber newsletter in your personal cabinet of SMS Club to expand your audience and increase sales today!

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