SMS marketing

is an effective marketing channel that sells and engages consumers through messaging.
Selling products – mailing to an existing database.
Getting new customers – mailing not to your base.
September 1, 2022
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Pros and cons of SMS marketing

Budget communication channel
Violation of personal space
Fast messaging
Character limit
High readability of SMS
No feedback
Personalized messages
Easy to set up
Low competition in the market
Motivation to buy or take another action
Despite the minuses, most companies use SMS marketing because of its simplicity and profitability.

What kind of SMS marketing business uses

Sending SMS raises the daily profits of any company. Depending on the tasks and indicators that they affect, we will select the main types of mailings that are suitable for your business area.

Promo or promotional SMS

September 1, 2022
New Year's promotion! 50% discount for every second item in the cart! (link)
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SMS notifications

September 1, 2022
Maria, you are scheduled for a haircut on 12.10. at 15:00. Waiting for you!
We are expecting you today at 15:00 at 75 Pobedy Ave. Have a nice day!
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Technical SMS

September 1, 2022
Confirmation code for Linrhan – 457556.
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Transactional SMS marketing

September 1, 2022
You have made a purchase on UAH 260 was withdrawn from your account. Get +50 bonuses!
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Content marketing via SMS

September 1, 2022
Gave an interview to Gordon, talked about business during the war –
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How to connect SMS marketing mailing in SMS Club

Take 5 steps to increase sales and the number of new customers:
Register or log in to the service.
Upload or manually enter recipient numbers.
Write the text of the SMS message.
Insert a shortened link to your site.
Wait 5 minutes and accept new orders!
The first 10 test SMS are free for all new users.
Start a mailing list

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