Integration with Denta-PRO

Denta-PRO is a convenient CRM for dental clinics. The functionality of the program provides accounting for goods, materials, services and patients and reporting in any context. In CRM, you can maintain dental records of visitors and draw up a treatment plan. Denta-PRO adapts to the wishes of the clinic and specific users, and in tandem with the integrated SMS messaging service facilitates and improves communication with patients.


Integration of SMS Club service with Denta-PRO

Connecting SMS mailings to the CRM of the dental clinic makes it possible to actively interact with clients and unload the administrative staff: confirm an appointment, remind you of a visit, inform about changes in working hours, talk about promotions and discounts, and even motivate you to take care of your teeth. All this will lead to increased customer loyalty and increase sales.


Benefits of integrating SMS messaging service:

  • automatic sending of messages;
  • the ability to schedule shipments;
  • preliminary preparation of messages in ready-made templates;
  • mass and personal mailings;
  • reporting in real time.

Integrating the SMS Club service is simple and fast. It is easy and profitable to be needed and useful to your customers with the help of SMS mailings.
After starting the program, we perform actions on the PC

1. Go to the settings section
2. Choose to send SMS
3. Choose direction Ukraine
4. Choose our service smsclub
5. We enter our login with which we registered on smsclub
6. Enter account password
7. We enter the Alpha Name, which we have available in the personal account
8. Click the save button

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