Integration with WordPress module (Digits) for OTP mailing

One of the popular WordPress modules is used to authenticate users who register on the WordPress CMS. An additional level of security when working with the program is implemented using a one-time secure password, which the client receives to confirm registration or enter the module.


Advantages of integration with the SMS Club service

Integration with the SMS distribution service is designed to automatically send users one-time passwords for instant authentication. Integration completely eliminates the work of company employees. A simple and intuitive interface allows you to configure the association of a service with a module in a few minutes.


What does integration with the messaging service give?

  • automatic sending of SMS with a secure one-time PIN-code;
  • the ability to create a notification template with an alpha name;
  • setting the necessary message parameters.


How to integrate the SMS Club service

The module is designed so that customers who register on CMS WordPress receive OTP codes after registration

Setting up the module is not difficult.

1. First we need to go to the plugin itself (in settings)

2. Make the settings as in the screenshot

Settings in wp-digits

3. Specify the address of the service of our IP

4. In http-header, specify

Authorization: Bearer our_token

5. In HTTP method, set Post

6. Getaway parameters insert variables.

phone[0] : {to},
message: {message},
src_addr: АИ(which is available in your account)

Further options to choose from, it all depends on the wishes of the client.

Details about Digits