Nextel Integration

Nextel is a provider of IP telephony and virtual PBXs for businesses in Ukraine. The integration of the service of automatic sms-mailings allows you to make the most of the possibilities of VoIP telephony to create a full-fledged call center in the company.

Benefits of integrating with Nextel

Ready-made integration with the SMS Club service combines the marketing capabilities of messages and calls. According to research, text SMS is an affordable and effective method of communication with customers and partners. An instant message does not require an instant response, unlike a call, so it does not annoy subscribers. A person can get acquainted with the information at a convenient time.


Integration of SMS Club with Nextel:

  • Improves lead generation and attracts new contacts.
  • Allows you to effectively lead the client through the sales funnel.
  • Increases conversion, helps to bring the client to purchase.
  • Improves the quality of customer service.

SMS Club newsletters are suitable for any type of business. Send informational messages about promotions, discounts, new products and services. Build audience loyalty with personalized mailings, congratulate customers on the holidays, make personal gifts.

Advantages of integration:

  • All tools for sending in the Nextel account – no need to switch to another program.
  • Link shortening feature – send any data.
  • Sending SMS is available directly in the client card immediately after the call.
  • Any types of messages – polls, notifications, reminders.
  • Detailed statistics – general and for each client separately.
  • The message history is stored in the contact card.

A bonus for Nextel clients is getting a unique alpha-name in SMS Club without preliminary moderation.

Setting up automatic mass sending of messages directly from the Nextel account:

1. Select SMS Club sending service

2. Install an API Key

3. Select an alpha sender name

4. Check the box “Allow sending”

To send individual messages, hover over the customer number and select the “Send message” function.

Sending SMS messages in an event handler:

1. Create a template

2. Set the send script

3. Select message type (SMS)

4. Enter text

Connect with your audience more! Integration of SMS Club with Nextel allows you to keep your customers up to date and at the same time be useful to them.


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