Integration with Onlizer

Onlizer is a universal platform in the cloud that automates business services without the use of code. It is very easy to integrate services with each other. Connection does not require a unique code and staff of developers, which reduces the company’s costs by up to 60%. The platform is optimal for small and medium businesses, however, Microsoft, McAfee, Dragon Capital have successfully implemented Onlizer in their business.


Connecting the SMS mailing service with Onlizer

The SMS Club mailing service, integrated with the Onlizer platform, allows you to increase your customer base and, accordingly, increase your company’s profitability. Regular and potential customers automatically receive service messages, promotional and discount offers and notifications about upcoming events. Integration helps to build a loyalty system without any effort.

Advantages of Onlizer integration with SMS Club service:

  • preparation of message templates;
  • use of alpha name in notifications;
  • setting the time and date of mailings;
  • sending mass and personal messages;
  • real-time analytics.

Connecting the mailing service to the Onlizer platform – maximum coverage of the target audience with minimal costs.

Onlizer is an online application automation designer. A convenient tool for business owners allows you to independently connect the work of the necessary services without the involvement of programmers. Integration with SMS Club simplifies sending messages, allows you to complete the process without the participation of a manager.


SMS Club connection process:

  • Register with Onlizer;
  • Choose the desired integration from 180+ available;
  • Specify data to transfer between systems.


Select an input source (for example, Slack). Click the button “Create integration“

Next, click the “Settings” button

In the side window that appears, click the “Connect your account” button, on the left in another window fill in the Token and Login from SMSClub and click “Connect”


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