Integration of SMS Club service with Planfix

Planfix is a service for organizing and systematizing tasks, projects, and business processes. A tool to automate and standardize complex task chains and save time. For business, the Planfix system is a balanced platform that helps to plan, collect, analyze and store data, and communicate within the company.

Advantages of integrating Planfix with SMS Club

SMS is an effective channel of interaction with clients and colleagues. Planfix integration with the SMS Club service allows you to:

  • Get an alpha name for free
  • Send SMS notifications using automatic scripts
  • Personalize notification texts
  • Set the time and recipient of notifications
  • Perform personal, selective and bulk mailings
  • Create and use SMS message templates
  • Save and analyze the history of sent SMS
  • Use information from the CRM system in messages

SMS Club offers a simple integration of the SMS messaging service into the Planfix automatic control system. The module is easily configured independently. Planfix integration with SMS Club – minimal effort with maximum opportunities.

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