What is UGLA

ERP/CRM system UGLA is a set of integrated modules for effective business management, “packaged” in Maximum User Friendly interface. A dashboard system with a 360⁰ view of the company’s activities.

Ukrainian business software product, ALL-IN-ONE tool for managing ALL aspects of a company. A flexible, secure tool accessible from anywhere in the world without additional hardware.

UGLA ERP/CRM system capabilities

UGLA builds a reliable and technological bridge between the company and its customers.

The entire company is under your control

  • Strategic planning
  • Communication between all departments
  • Logistics, warehouse, goods
  • Marketing, sales
  • Pricing, finances
  • Customer Care
  • Personnel, HR management

Reliability of data storage

  • 24/7 support
  • Continuous improvement and updating
  • No external interference
  • No data loss
  • Data storage on cloud servers

Simplicity and ease of use

  • ERP and CRM functionality in one system
  • Display of the most important company indicators and KPIs in one window
  • User-friendly intuitive interface
  • Extensive implementation of AI and machine learning algorithms
  • Individual customisation for all industries
  • Access anywhere
  • Application for Android OS and IOS

Advantages of UGLA

Manage your business easily: the best version of process management, flexible solution, easy to use.

  • Communications

Establishing effective communication with all departments of the company.

  • Analytics and reports

Possibility to obtain any indicators of the company’s activity. Convenient, individually customisable reports.

  • 24/7 support

Several languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian. Additional language within 7-14 days. Ability to customise any theme. Optionally you can add a corporate one. Choice of time zone, which allows you to perform tasks in the same time zone.

  • Customisation

Intuitive use. Self-learning capability for 2 hours per module. Every hour data is created and stored for 1 month. Backups are duplicated on multiple servers to reduce the likelihood of data loss.

Benefits of UGLA and SMS Club integration

Store customer and company activity data, integrate with convenient services for brand promotion and free up time from unnecessary actions.

  • Instant delivery to the entire customer base.
  • Audience segmentation into narrower interest groups, etc.
  • Personalisation of sending: name, gender, interests, age, etc.
  • High rate of feedback and engagement.
  • Cost-effective: SMS messages are more cost-effective than other types of information.
  • Integration with other modules: SMS module integrates with other UGLA modules such as ERP/CRM, marketing, analytics and reporting, etc.

With UGLA‘s dashboard system, you can streamline and optimise all business processes, monitor financial results and all key metrics in real time.

With intelligent reminders of any events, you can react quickly to changes.