Integration with Woocommerce (WordPress)

WooCommerce is the world's most popular open source online shopping platform for websites built on the WordPress CMS. In this article, we will tell you how you can connect SMS notifications to your online store and inform users about the creation of a new order and changing the status of the order to “Completed”.

Note! This plugin was developed by an independent specialist SB-development, the SMS CLUB team is not responsible for the operation of this solution.

Installing the SB SMS Sender Plugin

Log in to your WordPress site admin panel, go to the “Plugins” section, click “Add New”, type “SB SMS Sender” in the search bar, click the “Install” and “Activate” button.

Setting up the SB SMS Sender plugin

After installing the plugin, go to the “WooCommerce/Settings” section, among the available plugin settings there is a tab that is responsible for sending SMS notifications to your customers “SMS Sender”, click on it.
On the current page, you can enable / disable SMS notifications, select options for sending a message under two conditions:

  1. Send an SMS message to the customer after visiting the order thank you page
  2. Send an SMS message to the customer every time the order status changes to “Completed”

Connecting the plugin to the SMS CLUB service

Для подключения плагина к сервису необходимо указать логин, Токен и Альфа-Имя. Логин используйте тот, который использовали при Регистрации/ Авторизации в системе, после авторизации перейдите в Личный Профиль и скопируйте Токен. Альфа-Имя можете зарегистрировать своё или использовать общедоступное Shop Zakaz. После заполнения всех полей, нажмите “Сохранить Настройки”. Вс’, плагин готов к использованию.