September 1, 2022
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What is transactional SMS in Viber?

Transactional (or informational) SMS are informational messages based on the customer's actions. They allow you to notify a person that their registration or payment was successful. After such a message, your customer can complete the purchase and not worry that their money has gone to the wrong destination.
Transactional Viber SMS messages are sent 24/7, even when in "Do Not Disturb" mode. Your customer will always be aware of order processing or payment progress, and you'll eliminate the need for manual messaging.

What tasks do Viber transactional SMS solve?

September 1, 2022
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Notifications of customer actions and messages about your work with their order in the messenger are sent around the clock.
This helps:
  1. Help the customer not to forget and not to lose their order and make a purchase.
  2. Create a feeling of predictability and security for the client when buying.
  3. To be a competitive company, as Viber transactional SMS are used by almost all companies in Ukraine.
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How do I set up transactional SMS texting for Viber?

1 Register in our service.
3 Download the API documentation from the "Integration, API" section in the "Client Portal".
5 Create settings for mailing in the "Client Portal" (preparation of texts or templates, text messages, time of mailing, etc.).
2 Get verified in Viber (register your alpha name).
4 Go to your system and enter the required parameters from the API documentation using the basic authorization (login + password).
6 Select a list of contacts to send Viber transactional SMS.

How do businesses use transactional messaging?

Almost every business sends such messages now, and without such messages, you will lose out in competition with them.