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Effective mass mailings of Viber messages

Alpha Name and verification mark
API integration
Lowest price in the market
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September 1, 2022
Tatiana, get a -15% discount before the New Year on full body massage
International shipment SA12234 to the office 03100 in Kyiv, 60 Peremohy Ave.
-3000.00 UAH Zniattia hotivky, Kartka 5355***4487.Balans:1031.89 UAH
Your password: 223ytubrg3#. Do not share personal information with 3rd parties!
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About us in numbers
100 000 000 Sent messages in Viber
3 000+ Customers trust us
до 5 секунд Message delivery
0,02€ Price per message
14 years Company in the market

Viber business messaging – increase business profits

Sell to a new client 20 times more than to a current client. Viber newsletters are the best way to get sales on existing clients, raise conversion rates, and increase repeat orders without large investments in advertising.
September 1, 2022
Only on November 25, on Black Friday, you can purchase the products you have long wanted in our store at the best price with savings up to 70%!

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SMS Club functionality for Viber business messaging

Your brand Personal discount of -20% on any product in the store...
Your brand Personal discount of -20% on any product in the store...
Your brand Personal discount of -20% on any product in the store...
WellGirl: Tatiana, get a -15% discount before the New Year on full body massage
Sign me up for June 15 at 3:00 pm :)
We've signed you up and are looking forward to seeing you on June 15!
API Integration/Web Interface
Connect to the SMS Club service via API. Set up integration with your program or website. We provide documentation for the connection.
Link reduction
Cut down on the links in the cabinet and send more information in one message.
Delivered 12 456
Read 11 256
Delivered 12 456
Read 11 256
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20 hours
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Why order Viber mailing from us

Gathered from surveys of 100+ clients who have been with us for a long time.

Low price
Free general Alfa Name after registration, connection without a subscription fee, and 10 test SMS as a gift.
Simple web interface
95% of the time, customers figure it out on their own and send messages. But we are available 24/7 to help.
Wide coverage and API integration
We connect automatic newsletters to 100+ programs and CRM systems.
Data security
Your data will be securely stored.
24/7/365 support
We provide a personal manager. Technical support is really in touch 24/7 in a messenger convenient for you.
Developed loyalty program
We make favorable discounts for large volumes.
Work around the world
We send SMS to over 158 countries.
Fast sending
It takes 5-10 minutes to prepare a newsletter. And message delivery time is 3-11 seconds.

The cost of business messages in Viber

Number of messages (pcs./month)
Cost of 1 message
9000 - 18 000
0.0222 EUR
18 001 - 200 000
0.0212 EUR
200 001 - 500 000
0.0210 EUR
500 001 +
Agreed price
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The cost of delivering messages in Viber depends on the country to which you plan to send your Viber messages

How to sign up for Viber messaging for business

4 simple steps to start sending SMS Club

Sign up for the SMS Club service
Sign in to your personal cabinet
Get verified in Viber
our specialists will help you
Send newsletters from your personal cabinet
or automate the process via API integration
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Increase profits with Viber messaging

A few tips on how to increase profits today

Step 1
Increase the number of sales by 20% in one newsletter
Attract customers with discounts, seasonal sales, and promotions. Use bright banners and buttons to make customers see the value of the offer and make a purchase.
Step 2
Stop losing customers on “abandoned carts”
Send a notification of an incomplete order and offer to return. Add a call and link so the customer goes to the site and completes the purchase.
Step 3
Increase repurchase rates
Remind the customer about an expiration date or balance, new products, or a promotion. Complete the message with a quick link to the payment page.
How we help businesses
See all
Leisure and sports
SMS mailing for a fitness club
How to get 330% ROI for 25%
Financial services
SMS mailing of a microfinance organization
How to get 156 loan applications in a week
Study and work
Recruiting agency sms
ROI 180% for $102 in recruiting from SMS
Trading networks
Viber mailing list for children's store
ROI 150% and +20% sales
Trading networks
Viber mailing list of a furniture hypermarket
Profit +15% per month
Study and work
SMS-mailing for the educational platform
ROI 290%, or how to sell a paid course in an SMS mailing list
SMS mailing of online insurance service
+25% insurance policy sales - ROI 136%
Trading networks
Viber mailing list for a building materials store
How to get a ROI of 469% by spending about $150 on mailing lists
SMS mailing from SMS CLUB
How to “revive” subscribers for $250 and earn 15 times more!
Leisure and sports
Viber messaging for a restaurant
How a restaurant increased seating by 25% from one mailing
Viber mailing list for public service
Return of 30% of client debt after the first mailing
Trading networks
Viber mailing list branded outlet
ROI 125% and +17% sales
SMS mailing of residential complex under construction
20 potential buyers of apartments for 1400 UAH
Leisure and sports
SMS mailing for a travel agency
How to sell last minute tours with 460% ROI via SMS
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Oleg Yaroshchuk
Excellent and inexpensive service! The most reasonable prices for Viber mailing.
Vladimir Kunitsyn
We have been working with SMS CLUB for the second year already. Everything is clear, fast and hassle-free. The manager will always be prompted if you have any questions.
Vadim Dorosh
We regularly send both advertising and service messages. We don't even see any point in looking for a cheaper service for viber mailing. Prices are like everyone else's, but the quality of service is much higher. There is something to compare.
Maria Panchenko
At first I connected for SMS mailing, but after a couple of months I completely switched to the SMS club. Sends Viber messages fast and without problems.
Lydia Semeriv
Simple personal account. Everything is simple and straightforward. Viber mailings are sent quickly. There is nothing complicated.

FAQ - frequently asked questions about Viber campaigns

  1. Go to the website of SMS Club. Enter data for registration and enter your personal cabinet.
  2. Go through the verification process together with the manager and decide on the Alpha Name.
  3. Upload the client base and the text for the message. Click the "Send" button.
From 0.02 euro. Depends on the total number of text messages sent (the minimum Viber package is 9,000 messages). Detailed prices can be found on the website.
SMS Club uses the official Viber channel. To send newsletters, you must register your Alpha Name. Ask your personal manager for help.
Companies can send messages with text up to 1,000 characters, add pictures, stickers, and links. It's also possible to get responses from customers to messages you send. The main feature of Viber mailing is an attractive action button, for example, "Buy in 2 minutes" or "Get a discount".

Viber newsletter in Ukraine: keep in touch with your customers!

Viber is the most massive messenger on our market. So why not use it to make a statement or remind yourself today? Viber newsletter in Ukraine opens up new opportunities for visualization and personalization of content, arouses the interest of the buyer and forces him to make a purchase or perform any other action.

The audience of the messenger today is more than 800 million users. Stickers and images, buttons and links open limitless opportunities for advertising campaigns. The cheapness and speed of setting up Viber messaging allows you to use this channel to any business: and a small shop, and a large corporation.

For what purposes is it worth ordering a Viber newsletter for business?

100% доставляемость сообщений, до 50% экономии расходов, 50% переходов на сайт – уже глядя на эти данные, становится очевидным, почему стоит заказать вайбер рассылку для вашего бизнеса. Чаще всего этот канал связи используется для:

  • order status messages;
  • greetings to new users, congratulations to regular customers;
  • informing about news, promotions and various events;
  • providing personal discounts;
  • tips for using the product, etc.

Thanks to ready-made solutions from SMS Club, it will not be difficult to connect the vibeter mailing service . We will help you set up a communication channel for any business, taking into account its peculiarities.

Features of Viber mailing connection

In order to connect to a vibe newsletter, which will fully correspond to the specifics of a particular business, SMS Club offers the following tools:

  • Time dispatcher;
  • Setting the message lifetime;
  • Re-sending SMS if the message did not go through the messenger.

All questions regarding tariffs, connection and service settings you can ask our consultants!

Viber mailing list for business in Ukrain

Viber for Business is a powerful marketing channel that will increase sales and improve communication with customers. Agree, a channel with an Alpha name and a verification sign is much more credible than an “unidentified” contact. And given the number of scammers in our time, customers are very wary of this kind of thing. That is why, if you decide to activate viber mailing in Ukraine, it is worth taking care of the branding of the sender`s name.

Viber business newsletter: features and benefits

Viber messenger for online stores opens up endless possibilities. Viber business newsletter allows you to constantly stay in touch with your customers, stand out among competitors, earn customer loyalty and increase sales significantly. The advantages of this communication channel are added by the low cost and ease of management. Moreover, sensing their importance for an online store, an existing or potential customer is likely to return for purchases again and again.

Start using the Viber for business newsletter right now to get a tangible increase in sales and increase brand confidence in the shortest possible time!