Viber-mailing is a powerful, effective tool for business promotion. Whit the help of this messenger you can attract new customers, work on increasing loyalty and sales. Send subscribers informative and vivid messages - with pictures, beautiful symbols, active buttons (with a link), with the company logo and its name (alpha name).

Take an advantage of the official mailing through Viber!

Vivid and convenient format

Viber messages may contain up to 1000 characters of text, a picture and a call-to-action button with a link. Here is how it might look:

Alpha-name, logo and verification mark

You can use the company logo and its name in any language with special characters. Name will be supported with a green icon, which means that the user is verified, and the mailing goes on the official viber channel.

Alpha-name Logo Verification mark

Wide coverage

You can send messages both on your own and on targeted phone-numbers library for targeted mailing.


Connect to our API service or manage the Vibers via your personal account, see the statistics, download the reports.

* Activation of a new alpha-name (ID Viber) occurs from 7 to 30 days.

You never run Viber advertising?

We will answer all questions, help you create a selling text and customize your mailing!


Viber newsletter: keep in touch with your customers!

Viber is the most massive messenger on our market. So why not use it to make a statement or remind yourself today? Viber newsletter opens up new opportunities for visualization and personalization of content, arouses the interest of the buyer and forces him to make a purchase or perform any other action.

The audience of the messenger today is more than 800 million users. Stickers and images, buttons and links open limitless opportunities for advertising campaigns. The cheapness and speed of setting up Viber messaging allows you to use this channel to any business, and a small shop, and a large corporation.

Official and unofficial viber - what are the differences?

This messenger opens up ample opportunities for users and, if desired, you can independently configure your channel using the so-called unofficial viber. We offer full verification of the company with an alpha name, logo and appropriate sign. This significantly increases customer confidence, and the effectiveness of the mailing itself increases significantly.

For what purposes is it worth ordering a Viber newsletter?

100% message deliverability, up to 50% cost savings, 50% transitions to the site - already looking at this data, it becomes obvious, why it is worth ordering a Viber newsletter for your business. Most often, this communication channel is used for:

  • order status messages;
  • greetings to new users, congratulations to regular customers;
  • informing about news, promotions and various events;
  • providing personal discounts;
  • tips for using the product, etc.

Convenient modules and ready-made solutions of the viber mailing service from SMS Club allow you to set up a communication channel for any business, taking into account its peculiarities.