Case: Viber mailing list for a furniture hypermarket

Profit +15% per month

Our client: Large furniture store in Kharkov

(title changed due to confidentiality agreement)


The hypermarket has firmly taken its place in the niche of goods for the interior furnishings of residential, office, commercial, preschool, educational and other thematic premises. However, the dynamics of sales developed slowly, despite the efforts of managers, the average check did not grow.


Attract new customers, increase the average purchase amount.


It was suggested to use sending notifications through the official channel in Viber. The base of active and "sleeping" customers in total amounted to more than 22,000 people. The purpose of the newsletter is to draw attention to a wide product range, high quality and the opportunity to buy everything for the interior in one place with delivery around the city.


The rate of transition to the company's website after mailing was 10% (more than 2,000 customers). On the first day, 183 new online requests were received. And within a month after the shipment, the attendance of physical stores increased by 15%.






new leads


visiting offline

Examples of Viber mailings for a furniture hypermarket

good day, Elena! Are you moving into a new apartment?

MEBLI furniture hypermarket has more than 40,000 items 😦

😍 The largest selection and free delivery around the city.

💪 Let's pick up and collect!
💪 Pick up and collect!
Good afternoon, Dmitry!
Need a kitchen, sofa, wardrobe or office furniture?

We have everything!

A wide selection of domestic and imported furniture.

👍 When ordering through the website - 10% discount.
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