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Transactional SMS messaging

Transactional messaging notifies the user about things that are important to them at all hours of the day and are not promotional. They are more technical messages designed to improve customer service and automate manual sending.

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Transactional messages help businesses get closer to a customer

In 48% of cases, the best time to gain a customer's trust is when they first interact with you (purchase or order services). At this point, it's important to demonstrate that you care about the customer, and the best way to do this is by sending technical messages.
Sending an informational SMS with the order status, parcel number sent, etc., makes the purchase process clearer and safer for the client, affecting repeat sales.
In simple terms, transactional (as well as informational and triggering) newsletters are sent to customers when their status or actions change.
These can be messages:
Order status
Information about the reservation
Details for payment
Information notifications about anything

Tasks that transactional SMS texting solves

By automatically sending these messages, you will save time for more important business tasks.
Informing about successful registration, ticket booking, and parcel dispatch
Reminding about plan renewal, pickup time, and item/s in the cart
Confirmation of payment, registration, checkout, etc.
As a result, you get dozens of satisfied customers who will buy again.
Transactional messages are based on customer actions and are delivered in 3-11 seconds at any time. As such, they are make the process of buying and interacting with the company clear and safe, build loyalty towards your brand, improve the quality of customer service.

How to set up transactional messages

Transactional messaging with our service is easy to integrate with website, CRM system, CMS system and any other software. To connect to the SMS gateway, you need to go through several steps.
Sign up for the SMS Club service
Register the sender name
preferably using a brand name
To connect, use the API documentation
you can download on the API SMS page
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Types of SMS mailings
SMS mailing for business
Fast and easy service for sending SMS worldwide
Bulk SMS
Full coverage of your audience at a low cost of service
Promotional SMS mailings
Increasing sales, product promotion, brand awareness
Targeted SMS mailings
Targeted advertising messages on a specially selected database
Bulk SMS+Viber
Sending an SMS if the message is not delivered via Viber
Personalized SMS mailings
Address by name, individual offers, birthday greetings
International SMS mailings
Sending SMS by clients in 158+ countries of the world
Number checks by HLR request
Maintaining the database of client numbers up to date
Send SMS to phone via email
The "Personal Cabinet" describes the details of the connection and provides the ability to download reports on the sending. If you have any questions, you can always contact the SMS Club support service. We are available 24 hours a day!

What kind of business is suitable for transactional SMS messaging

Transactional SMS can be used in any other business - if the client makes purchases, places an order, or makes a reservation